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5 Questions Alpha Women Should Ask If They Are Ready For A Relationship

Alpha women, characterized by some as brilliant, confident, and ambitious, and others as potentially problematic to biologically-based gender roles (I hope you see the irony in that statement), have been the subject of conversations about dating, relationships, and marriage on and off for many years.  While there are different schools of thought on the dating challenges Alpha women face, the pursuit and development of any relationship worth having doesn’t start with trends and statistically based…

Who Are The Real Winners & Losers from Miss Universe 2015?

I was off the grid with family and friends last night, but when my timeline blew up with the #MissUniverse hash tag, I had to investigate. I watched a video replay of the “incident,” then read a few hundred comments plus a few articles this morning. The whole Miss Universe debacle appears disastrous at the moment, but I actually think we’re going to see more winners than you may think: Winners   1) Miss Colombia…
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10 Things I Learned From a Legendary Director on How To Control a Room

The moments before an interview, I have only one hope: that the person I’m interviewing won’t be an ass. Seriously, that’s it. I have the privilege of sitting down one-on-one mostly with people I’ve admired from afar – business leaders, artists, and change agents. But in a selfish move, to guard my memory of their work, I literally pray nothing will happen that will ruin my appreciation of them or their work.   So, when…
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Patti Pies And Tonight’s #MentorMonday

What can you learn from Patti Pies? RSVP for #MentorMonday here. By now you may have heard about the infamous Patti Pies.  These are the pastries made by Patti LaBelle and sold at Walmart made a bit more famous by the viral video of James Wright Chanel. Recently Ms. LaBelle is under fire for proclaiming Chanel didn’t make her pies famous. (Read how the pies got famous here.) If you ask me it doesn’t matter if…
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The Sex And Relationships Talk You’ve Wanted Is HERE! (And We’ve Got Prizes)

#MentorMonday, a popular mentoring platform for entrepreneurs and visionaries hosted by Paul C. Brunson, has been known to “go there.”  Paul has been known to surprise guests with dating games, conversations about health and wealth turning into how to use pineapples during lovemaking, and many more super seductive conversations having portions of #MentorMonday lovingly dubbed #MentorMondayAfterDark conversations. And here we go again! For two hours on November 10th starting at 8pm ET, Paul C. Brunson will have…
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The Most Simple Body Language Rule That Will Change Your Life Forever

4 years ago, I read about a very simple body language rule in Janine Driver’s book You Say More Than You Think and immediately thought I had acquired a special super power. To test it, I jumped in my car and drove to the nearest supermarket. BOOM! I felt like I was the master of body language!! Everything she outlined I saw play out before my eyes. Little did I know, I had just developed…
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#MentorMonday [Recap]: Being A Speaker Starts With Marshawn Evans And These 3 Steps

  #MentorMonday started out with practical advice for your BIG dreams when Paul gave this tip for Twitter: Depending on your posting frequency on Twitter, post more content, not less.  Paul has increased his postings on the social media platform and has been getting about 100,000 click throughs per day!  By tweeting at all times of the day he is seeing much better engagement on his quality content. And then, drumroll please… He also announced…
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#MentorMonday [Recap]: Defining Your Mission And Your Vision With Angela Benton

This week on #MentorMonday we welcomed on Ms. Angela Benton.  Angela came on #MentorMonday to talk about how to define your mission and your vision for a better business and better life.  How did Angela define her life and her business?  She saw a need and made it her mission to help entrepreneurs.  Angela brought diversity to Silicon Valley.  As the founder and CEO of the NewME Accelerator program, Angela has accelerated hundreds of entrepreneurs.  Since…
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#MentorMonday [Recap]: Conquering 2015 D.U.M.B. Goals With F.O.C.U.S.

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2015 and the first #MentorMonday recap! Let’s start this recap doing something different.  Share in the comments what you did in 2014 for your business or your life in general that will set the stage for 2015 being all the better.  You never know who will take your best of 2014 to make 2015 their best. Now, to the #MentorMonday recap. Paul started off the session in a new location which later…