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I’m a creator. Here are the projects I’m currently working on:

  • BWP Connect, a global community for people like you who value legacy, culture, and financial freedom through entrepreneurship.
  • BAU, I co-founded a university and currently sit on the Board of Trustees. We currently have the second largest MBA program in DC.
  • Better w/ Paul, a weekly podcast + newsletter I use to share my experiences and the journey of others in business, life, and love.
  • Mastermind + Annual Retreat, for the last 5 years, my wife and I have co-hosted entrepreneur and thought leadership events. Please join my newsletter for updates on our upcoming events.
  • Jamaica School Build, I’m currently building a state-of-the-art school outside of Kingston, Jamaica. It’s the first of several schools I’ve committed to build in the Caribbean. Please join my newsletter for updates on the school as well as how to help with my next build.
  • Co-host two TV shows, I’m blessed to have the best “part-time” job in the world. I co-host two television shows in the UK. One hasn’t been announced yet. The other I’ve proudly worked on for 4 seasons, Celebs Go Dating.
  • It’s Complicated, I wrote a book that became a bestseller, was turned into a TV pilot, and then purchased by Sony to become a movie.

I write a weekly newsletter called Better where I share lessons learned preparing, interviewing, and observing the world’s top performers. I also include announcements and invitations to special events. Available only through email.