1. PaulCBrunson oh my !!!

  2. sabadaga 🙂

  3. PaulCBrunson very Nice smile!!

  4. rewops1977 🙂

  5. PaulCBrunson he’s a homosexual and I have proof

  6. PaulCBrunson not to insinuate that homosexuals can’t be bachelors. Presumably this ad was targeted towards women is why I mentioned it

  7. Jball122 I appreciate you reaching out but I have 2 character references plus I’m taking him at his word.

  8. PaulCBrunson those references might want to surf grindr and craigslist honey

  9. PaulCBrunson I missed the reveal yesterday. He’s gorgeous!

  10. Do you have any men in Houston? How do I apply?

  11. He is fine! To bad I’m not on Twitter.

  12. Monique Taylor #rundontwalk

  13. Look 4 a woman

  14. Very handsome! Air Force too!!!!

  15. Just fine ❤️❌⭕️

  16. Nakisha Green

  17. Ebony Crawford

  18. What a spark! Raise the energy and you’ll both jump onto eachothers path! Onward and upward!

  19. Good luck to this handsome man..

  20. Lisa Titus

  21. He is fine to me

  22. Handsome!

  23. Still haven’t come across him here in my town U0001f602U0001f633

  24. His handsome

  25. Both are nice looking.:-)

  26. Yummy

  27. Hook me up bro

  28. Very handsome

  29. Very handsome, i hope he finds his match:)

  30. Tanika Bennett…. You never no!

  31. Too handsome!!!! U0001f609 Wish him the best!

  32. This is a sales pitch As soon as you sign up they start soliciting!!!

  33. I bet he loved that game Thursday night!! Too bad I’m a Skins fan lol. Lucky lady for sure!!

  34. I’m right here 🙂

  35. Cutie pie

  36. If you sign up and ask for us to provide you more information (as you did), of course we’re going to contact you.

  37. Any bachelors in their forties?

  38. Dina Page

  39. single here waiting

  40. Doris Writes-Magic Walker

  41. Francine Polite

  42. Nice looking man..

  43. U0001f633U0001f633U0001f633

  44. He is fiiiine

  45. Paul I looked but could not find any information on him. Can you please help me?

  46. Do you have to be in America or Canada to submit a form? I’m from Australia but this man seems gorgeous!

  47. I’m pretty sure I saw him yesterday on the Hill in one of my fav restaurants. Or maybe a lookalike lol. We can surely date despite him being a Giants fan U0001f61e

  48. My City is filled with hidden treasures. His looks are not all he’s made up of. This is a strong foundation…

  49. Gods will be done.. God will find his wife…blessings

  50. Shevon Kroon

  51. But Niquita tho U0001f60d (lol!)

  52. Novacane Smith where was he when I was single? Sigh

  53. hmmmm ok… i am impressed

  54. @ kim, dont you watch catfish.

  55. He is a very handsome man..

  56. Lawd have mercy. Is he relocating to Canada by chance?!?

  57. I really wished this was photo-shopped!

  58. Awww, really? ?!

  59. looooool

  60. Omg no!

  61. PAAAAAAAAUUUULLLL!!!! U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 You’re a mess!!!

  62. I’m tired of men thinking a first date means a ticket to the bedroom U0001f61dI’ve been told that the modern day thing these days is to have sex first then you get to decide about courting ……. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm where are all the good men 🙁

  63. U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  64. what kind of man is this?

  65. I can’t!

  66. Myrna Orvam LOL!!!

  67. I’m with u

  68. Lord have mercy.

  69. Thank you Myrna! I picked that out myself…#rotfl

  70. You can’t help me because I’m in the UK, so I suppose I’m just going to have to date guys like the one above, lol!

  71. Story of my liiiiife

  72. lmao

  73. U0001f48bU0001f44dU0001f61d

  74. Paul brotha you are funny !

  75. This is a big issue.

  76. DYING!!!

  77. Lol lolU0001f604U0001f604U0001f604

  78. Dina Page Ha!!!!!

  79. baaaaaaaah! lol! I’m on my way! lol!

  80. Oh laaawwddd!!! That is how they are inside. But they look real good on the outside

  81. Lol

  82. Oh lord, I just died….lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…. Paul you wrong for that….hahahahaaaaa…. But I do agree with you……

  83. Lol

  84. Eligible Bachelors…QUICK..become Paul’s client in areas other than the DMV! 🙂 Thanks Paul! I enjoy reading the questions and responses on #MDMW

  85. Handsome.

  86. Every single one of these men have been beautiful!

  87. Cute!

  88. Ohhh my he is surely Vanilla with extra frosting on top U0001f63b

  89. Perfect for me!

  90. I hope my gal Virginia Maikweki fills the form out! U0001f64a….. After she kills me for calling her out. U0001f636

  91. Paul Carrick Brunson I like him. You should do an event here in ATL..bring him 🙂

  92. Damaris Roulette 🙂

  93. Handsome

  94. Paul Carrick Brunson just wait until I send you a bachelorette candidate in the DC area by the name of Lisa Matthews… Yep she will Kill me as well but I love #MDMW

  95. he’s cute

  96. im down with the swirl and will travel for him 🙂

  97. Very handsome. Tell us more about him. 🙂

  98. Rochonda Woodard! I won’t kill you, lol. I actually would love to be a Bachelorette candidate one day. This is awesome!

  99. Kris 🙂

  100. shaking my head.

  101. Hmmm…

  102. What a great idea! People finding people, not a computer…. How can I nominate a friend? He is only 23 BUT he loves animals, is working on his Masters in Education, has a wonderful family and is a Triplet.

  103. WOWZA! Best one yet!

  104. Paul Carrick Brunson, where do you have these Matchmaker sessions? I miss some stuff on FB

  105. I wished he lived in San Diego! We need matches here!! U0001f600

  106. We need matches in Vancouver BC!!!

  107. Wow!

  108. I hate life after seeing this picture

  109. Vanessa De Shambo

  110. I need a recap on this…

  111. Lmao

  112. Nice

  113. You ain’t right

  114. Charlyn Okigbo #rundontwalk

  115. Lmaooo Warren Satchell!!

  116. Keyva Nyeeda Solomon I can’t.

  117. Cute! I hope he gets to choose a Curvy Girl of Color …. just sayin!
    U0001f609 Kirsten Holtz Warren Satchell

  118. Lovely


  120. how do you know his details… age … location.. profession etc

  121. Amen

  122. I vote for Breeon Pittman!!

  123. Elizabeth Elise Mills- you should sign up to meet him. 🙂

  124. Lmao

  125. Number 3

  126. Paul, a great horizontal move for your company- 40+ Dating. We need our own dating platform. Our issues are different than the 30 somethings.

  127. Hey there dimples

  128. Angela Douglas we’re working hard to address the 40-49 year old segment now. We’ll get there soon!

  129. Angela, you are so right. I have started to see 40 something women showing up in my office…some are single, some are engaged, they definitely have different issues and struggles in their relationships.

  130. I’d like to be matched. How do I get the process started?

  131. Indeed we do Gloria! I try and express that to people all the time. The younger men are well….just too young and not in the same mind space. Some of the older ones want younger women to have kids with because they focused on their careers in their 20s and 30s and NOW they have it “together” and want to start a family-when a lot of us (women) in our 40s have pursued careers WHILE raising kids….SOOO it’s like what do we do??? #sighingloudly

  132. What about NYC, Paul? 🙂

  133. I need one of them

  134. Keisha & Gloria, I’ve been noticing that trend as more and more 40+ women are contacting me and I work to match them. I’m actually thinking about focusing on singles 40+ because their needs & frustrations are so different than the younger women. My suggestion is to look for the man who is looking for you. Who doesn’t want kids but still has his mind set on relationships/marriage?

  135. Where are the 40 + age group of men?

  136. Tina Marie B3 is 40…but I hear you.

  137. Charlene Kaye Thomas coming!

  138. B3 is handsome.

  139. I really enjoy the MDMW! Please don’t forget about your #SouthernBelles….#Florida! I noticed that most of the ladies matched were (naturally) in the DMV area;)

  140. I wish you could do this in the UK, it is very very hard to find a good black man here.

  141. Shame too much of a distance. They are all cute but its whats inside that matter. Looks dont make a relationship.

  142. b3 is one of those men you’ve always wondered “where he has been you’re entire life”! #believe #oneinamillion #thereisstillhope #promotingafriend #notallmenarethesame #dramafree

  143. B3 handsome pity your not in UK

  144. ok hurry before some of us are past the cutoff ;-0

  145. exactly! ready to travel enjoy life…

  146. Great men!

  147. Very nice, I’m just too lazy to fill out that form lol

  148. Tara Reynolds

  149. B1 & B3 wish I was living in the states …. It’s very tough here in London to meet anyone well for that it
    Well done Paul and can’t wait for your workshop !!

  150. Paul Carrick Brunson, if you would like to partner with someone in the Atlanta market, I’ve been a Pre-Marital Counseling Center of Atlanta here for over 10 years. Would love to talk.

  151. Paul Carrick Brunson, I have a great group of people in NYC, if you need any assistance there! I’m in the ATL. And, I know you love it here! 🙂

  152. I used to be a Pastor in the U.K. I think it depends on where you are in the U.K. I did a record number of weddings in the Northeast!

  153. Angela, I second that motion! It’s like a growing audience as many folks who married in their twenties are now divorced or even widowed and want to STILL feel like there is a good match out their for them!

  154. Complete this http://form.jotformpro.com/form/42513496364963 and someone will follow up if chosen.

  155. B3 U0001f60dU0001f60d

  156. I would definitely say B3…a person’s eyes are the window to everything.

  157. Dang missed it! Does it count I’m a hard working women? !?

  158. Yes definitely 40+. I’m soo tired of not being able to meet men in 50-60’s that are still vibrant, and young at heart and mind. Dating 37-47 just isn’t cutting it! LOL

  159. Awesome! Nice work!

  160. Let’s do something in chicago

  161. I definitely agree! I went through all 570+ slides of the interaction and barely any of the “substance” questions were answered. Mixed drinks? Seriously?

  162. I think he has a seminar coming up in London. Not sure where you are, but a little closer 🙂

  163. Now there’s some Good Catches U0001f44f enjoy ladies U0001f48bU0001f64f

  164. Shared!

  165. B3

  166. Amen! Especially those of us who still believe in waiting until marriage!

  167. B3 U0001f60a

  168. Tanya check it out U0001f60a

  169. door number three please! 😛

  170. Hmmm….I’m intrigued by Mr. B1.

  171. All three of them are handsome but, my choice is B 3 he is more my kind of guy love his smile and his eyes

  172. Is it too late to submit for DC bachelor?

  173. Now this is better…

  174. Hello Paul, please also do more on LDR.

  175. I was just wondering about this!

  176. Correct me if I’m wrong but in 2014 you (or maybe someone else) wrote a piece about what single women needed to do first before getting into a relationship. I thought the advice applied to life in general. Can you post it again. I thought I had bookmarked it but can’t find it anywhere.

  177. Thank goodness! Now I have something to Wednesdays at lunch!

  178. Hmm…I see the Hill Harper guy is back. I hope for the ladies that this is Hill Harper because then someone could get an autographed copy of his book and a copy of “Mama Flora’s Family” on DVD. Seriously, though, he looks like a professional, handsome man, and I hope that the ladies will tune in for the “show.”

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