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Where would I start a services based app business with a similar model to Uber? I do not have experience in app development, but I have a solid business plan. A good understanding of what tools and services are available for this type of venture is what I believe is needed, but any advise would be very much appreciated.




The moment I read this message, I thought of my friend Sheena Allen – who without being a developer, has created a very successful app empire. I’m going to encourage her to reply to this post.


Here’s more info on Sheena in the interim: http://www.sheenaallenapps.com/


Hello Eze,

The app industry is tricky. Before writing a line of code for your app or spending any money, do your research first. There are millions of apps available so make sure that you know your niche.

If you have no coding skills, you will need to hire a developer. Your cheapest option will be to outsource or offshore the development. However, beware that when offshoring development, it is easy to hire someone for cheap, but they do not deliver a quality product or possibly no product at all. This is not the case 100% of the time, but it is better for me to warn you upfront of the pros and cons.

It may also be smart for you to look into accelerators or incubators. Some accelerators are for idea stage.

My top recommendation will be to create a MVP (minimum viable product). Push comes to shove, create a demo using AppDemoStore.com and use this to gain the interest of potential customers or investors. All you need in order to create your demo are your wireframes. Another option is to use a service such as Bubble (https://bubble.is), which is a drag and drop app builder.

This is fantastic! Thank you so much! I will look into your recommendations. I have started my research and there are 1 or 2 similar services but they have terrible apps and extremely low distribution. What platforms or avenues would you suggest for advertisement?

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