If you could do five tasks a day in social media what should they be?

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I’m constantly speed reading social posts and books to grow professionally. I’m posting on a regular basis when I find knowledge gold that’s worth sharing. I wonder if I could only do five tasks a day in social media what should I do to gain greater reach and engagement?


I LOVE this question. My thoughts:

  1. “Listen” to the questions and comments your audience have (whether that be directly on your accounts or on the accounts of others in your space). It’s imperative you know your audience and I believe social media is the best platform to take in this information.
  2. Engage with the content of people within your space (namely thought leaders and influencers). This will help you build confidence, insight, and rapport.
  3. Identify content to repost. This is a strategy many people seem not to use but has proven again and again to be effective. There is an ample amount of content produced every minute for every industry in the world. If you can curate the best of it and share it with your community, you’re adding real value and you’ll be rewarded for it.
  4. Focus on video. It’s fine to periodically publish other content formats but video is favored in every algorithm on every platform. Especially LIVE.
  5. Be consistent and yes frequency matters. We live in such an attention deficit society that unless you’re producing content every other day (on every platform), you’ll soon be forgotten. Ideally, you want to be publishing daily.
  6. BONUS – Don’t hit “post” unless your content is strong. Nothing will decrease engagement more than weak content.

We look forward to you joining the event BUT don’t keep it all to yourself, share the love!

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