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Books in the home transform a child's life

and the more added, the greater the benefit.

Who we are

First Library is a socially responsible organization in partnership with Knowledge Share Рa community of lifelong learners. Through the partnership, First Library provides libraries to children in homes without books. Additionally, we provide a variety of support services to help both children and parents to read more.

Books in the household is the #1 factor contributing to early childhood literacy, high school graduation, and career success. There are over 1 billion children in the world without books in their homes.

First Library’s mission is to make books available for all.

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A Peek into our process


Identify ground partner

Can be a school, after school program, missionary, etc. We seek partners who directly reach children between the ages of 3- and 7-years-old.


Create campaign with partner

Based on the needs of the children and their parents, we work alongside our partner to determine the most effective campaign.


Solicit campaign support

From book and monetary donations to volunteers and more, this is the critical step to being capable of delivering on our commitment to the children.


Execute the project

With resources in hand, our team deploys our libraries and literacy support services direct to the children and parents of our partner.


Publish the results

Impact of each campaign is documented and tracked over a period of time.