Coaching & Matchmaking

7 years ago I founded what has now become an award winning boutique matchmaking and lifestyle coaching agency. Our mission is to guide people toward achieving the love, personal, and business growth they deserve.   Over the years, the firm has grown from just me and my wife with a exclusive Washington DC regional focus, to a full team of coaches and therapists with a global presence. We have served over 600 clients and arranged thousands of dates. While marriages are not a focal point of all of our clients, we have matched nine couples in matrimony (not bad for the new kids on the block). Our clients come from all walks of life, and live all over the world. Our full-service offering is confidential and encompasses the complete relationship lifecycle.


If you’re ready to meet successful, eligible singles and work closely with our expert team toward your relationship goals, then our matchmaking service is for you. Whether you’ve been dating regularly or just getting back into it, we offer tailored service plans to fit your unique needs.  With your personal PCB Matchmaker Coach, we create a custom road map based on our proven core model and guide you through your dating experience. Our goal is to assess your needs, provide tools and skills, create a strategy, and make select and personal introductions while constantly improving along the way. In addition to all of these offerings, our matchmaking clients have the opportunity to complete a 360 assessment, work with our celebrity stylist and attend any events hosted by the agency free of charge.


If you are simply looking for guidance and advice or if you’re not ready for dating quite yet, our coaching option will be the best plan for you. With our award winning coaching team, you will learn how to develop skills to identify ideal matches on your own to achieve relationship success. We’ve designed a 4-part coaching plan that includes a full assessment, coaching sessions with a PCB Coach, and practical assignments to practice your new skills and quickly put what you’ve learned into action. Our team has personally coached more than 500 clients using our core model and has a near 100% satisfaction rate. It might be the busiest period of your life but it will be a transformative experience for you. We guarantee it.

Events and Workshops

Throughout the year, our agency plans interactive events both in-person and live online through Spreecast. These events cover a variety of dating and relationship topics, and are ideal for anyone looking to build their dating skill set. Meet our expert team while learning the latest trends in dating, practicing the key elements of our core model and make new connections to build a supportive community. Our dynamic workshops provide a platform for singles to receive tips and “secrets” from industry experts.  Missed an online event? No worries. You can purchase a replay of our most compelling workshops. Check our events page for any upcoming events. You’ll be glad you did.


Service fees range from $100 to $10,000.


To inquire about how we can help you, please complete the contact form below:

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