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Welcome to Your Safe Space

to Learn, Connect, and Grow

BWP Connect is a global community for people who value legacy,

culture, and financial freedom through entrepreneurship.

See what the community is all about!

Our goal is to help grow your business idea or existing business into a company with $1 million or more in profit. This is a BIG goal and we know it well. My wife and I have achieved this for our own business, supported others in accomplishing this goal, and understand it takes a holistic and sustained approach. Our commitment is to support all aspects of your growth, including professional and personal relationships because to reach and maintain a high performing business requires community and partnership.

Inside BWP Connect

After 5 years of mentoring entrepreneurs, we've learned the optimal mix of support to grow and sustain not only a strong business, but a healthy and happy person behind the brand. We’re using our unique experiences to create a unique community. Specifically, BWP Connect is architected upon three core pillars:

1. Exclusive content through the following resources:


Interact with like-minded people around the world through special in-person and virtual events!




In-depth masterclasses by experts like renowned psychologist Dr. Angela Smith teaching how to manage professional and romantic relationships with narcissists.


Skills workshops by professionals like Harvard Business School’s Kit Pang teaching how to speak persuasively in your social videos, video meetings, and online courses.


Build your network through personalized one-on-one introductions for professional and romantic reasons – yes, you read that right!






Question and answer sessions with entrepreneurs like Dawn Easter who is hosting a chat on how to identify and create a customer avatar.





2. Private community through the following capabilities:

  • Learning channels for business and skill development topics.

  • Discovery channels for networking, collaborations, and many more.

  • Challenges that promote growth.

  • Pitch opportunities for exposure.

  • Private channels for focused discussions.

  • Private one-on-one direct and group messaging.

  • Matchmaking for professional networking and romantic interests.

3. Lots of fun in the process!!!

Motivated Members Welcomed

Do you value legacy? Do you value culture? Do you value financial freedom? Are you growth-minded, purpose driven, committed to self-awareness, willing to put in work, and eager to create your own path? If that resonates with you, and if you have been looking for a private community of like-minded entrepreneurs to join forces with, then we would love to welcome you into BWP Connect.

Lifetime Membership!

Accepted applicants can join BWP Connect at $67 USD per month for life.

Membership can be cancelled at any time.

Interested in Joining BWP Connect

Awesome! We are looking forward to seeing you inside BWP Connect!

What BWP Connect members are saying:

“…thanks for creating this community. I sincerely appreciate it. With how life has turned upside down for us, this is truly a great opportunity to connected with like-minded persons and take the journey together from where ever we are. Thank you!”


“I am so impressed with the quality of the content. I signed up after watching the Masterclass as it was applicable in my day job as well as thinking about which elements are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. It really does feel like you are focusing on the added benefit that each member will bring by being so selective with the membership. It makes me feel extra special to know I met the grade so I will make sure that I am active so we can build a powerful community that brings about change on a personal and community level for the members and the organizations we serve every month.”


“This has been revolutionary.”


“I’m loving the mastermind sessions. Thank you!”


“I attended live, really great action steps to implement immediately. I like that during the presentation and on the slides he did polling questions, a great way to keep things interactive and attendees engaged.”


“The workshop was fantastic. Looking forward to the replay so I can experience it all over again :-)”


“Love how you build community, Paul.”

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