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How The Budgetnista Went From $300K in Debt to $10 Million a Year with Tiffany Aliche

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche brings so much energy to this week’s episode of Better With Paul!

Having recently celebrated her first seven-figure month, it’s clear that this woman knows her way around a dollar. Her unprecedented savings skills turned her into a millionaire by the time she was 36. It was a 360-degree change from the days when she was over $300k in debt.

Born into a Nigerian household with a father who drilled financial literacy into his children’s heads as if it were casual dinner table discussion, her path almost seems inevitable. The Budgetnista brand may be a long way from the law firm her parents always hoped she’d be working in, but it’s become a multi-million dollar empire that inspires women from all backgrounds, especially Black women.

In Episode 5, we get into the five main businesses that make up Tiffany’s brand. We talk about the highs and lows she experienced while trying to “find herself” in her 20s and 30s. Going from being a preschool teacher to now charging $30,000 and up to speak on a stage is one whirlwind of a life leap. Despite everyone’s opinions of what was ‘good enough’, Tiffany made a promise to never settle for just enough ever again. If her hardships taught her anything, it was to make sure she never allowed herself to get trapped in the same position.

She possesses unmatched levels of discipline, backed by her faith and generosity. Her tips, tricks, and infallible insight has attracted an army of DreamCatchers who’ve collectively saved over $200 million through Tiffany’s ‘Live Richer Academy’.

You’ve seen her on all the talk shows and YouTube videos – she may have sent you a friend request in the earlier, hungrier years of her career. Through all the content online, I couldn’t find the inside scoop on Tiffany’s story. Fortunately, this week, I get to bring you another Better With Paul First. Join us as we discuss the planning, sacrifice, and structure that’s helped The Budgetnista become an icon for financial literacy and wealth planning, not just for the Black community, but the world.

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