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How He Became One of the World’s Most Influential Artists with Neville Garrick

Legends don’t need to live loudly to leave their mark. This week’s guest on Better With Paul is the best possible example of how unnerving passion and the power of like minds can move mountains. In episode 3, we’re fortunate enough to sit down with Neville Garrick, one of the most influential people I’ve ever interviewed – but the world still knows so little about him.

Desperate to figure out what inspired the man who quietly managed revolutionary movements alongside immortal names like Bob Marley and Angela Davis, I knew this interview had to happen. It’s hard to find someone who’s never heard of Bob Marley and I think it’s safe to say that Neville Garrick played a major role in that success.

I did my best to come to the table prepared, but the sage wisdom Neville shares is something that hits you out of nowhere. It’s something you can never fully brace yourself for. You just have to listen as he pours this refined knowledge into the room. In this episode, we discuss the moment he recognized Bob Marley’s star quality as well as a few of the tragedies they experienced together. Everyone hears the story about the hero in the limelight. This week, I wanted to sit with a different type of legend. Consider this episode my way of making sure that the right-hand and artistic director for the famed ‘One Love’ megastar gets his roses from us now.

When asked, my ganja-loving comrade won’t claim to be a ‘legend’, yet another trait I truly admire. Despite his humility, no one can convince me that his ability to translate powerful political, social, and individual battles through art is nothing short of legendary.

Neville followed his passion and created space for himself in the world. He may have chosen to stick to the shadows, but the impact of his creative vision is felt and appreciated all around the world. Dubbed a “revolutionary artist” by his first mentor, college professor, and one-time crush, Angela Davis, Neville expresses his genius through visual mediums. His art turned Bob Marley’s stage show into an experience that moved people to make a difference. He painted political statements into Bob Marley’s album covers. Best of all, he studied the audience and the world around, to continuously produce art that people could feel for decades.

His ability to see situations for their potential, not as they’re presented, is a skill every creative can learn from. Moved by the principles of the Rastafarian movement, Neville Garrick soon became the eye behind Bob Marley’s reign as one of the greatest artists of all time. “Legends Live Forever” seemed like the best title for Episode 3 because everything Bob Marley taught, all the things he believed, still live on through Neville. As he prepares to celebrate his 70th birthday, it’s clear that Neville is just getting started. He’s already lived a thousand lifetimes. I can’t wait to see what else his soul creates.

Tune in to laugh and be inspired by one of the world’s most dynamic behind-the-scenes minds.

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