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From Fired & Pregnant to Her Own Business With $5 Million in Sales With Charis Jones

In 2013, Charis Jones jumpstarted her brand with 3 things: the relentless desire to make a difference, her minivan, and her dining room. After much fear, she gathered enough money and confidence to showcase her products at a local trade show. 7 years later, thousands of customers all over the world shop at her boutique Sassy Jones both virtually and in-store. Also, hundreds of thousands tune in weekly every Wednesday night to interact with her on live on Facebook at the Sparkle party.

Charis Jones’ goal to help women feel undeniably confident about themselves and shine their light brightly wherever they go has clearly been accomplished.

In this episode, we unpack the business and personal lessons of those seven years as well as breakdown exactly how Charis built her company without loans or outside funding. 

Stick around until the very end to hear a BIG surprise. This is an episode full of energy and fun! 

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Paul C. Brunson

Mentor, Entrepreneur, & Television Host. My goal is to help you live your best life. I’m the world’s most influential matchmaker, founded and exited three businesses, host two television shows, spent nearly a decade working directly for a billionaire, and share my experiences by mentoring through Knowledge Share