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The 10 Books That Changed My Life

In a recent post I wrote about how I significantly reduced how much TV I consume and dramatically increased my reading. A key reason for doing this is because upon reflecting on “activities” that have led to substantial changes in my life, I can’t count one TV show as the catalyst.

I can, however, point to several books. Here are 10 books that have had a profound influence on my life…

10 Books that changed my life

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How I Sold My First 10,000 Books (4 Lessons To Help You)

If you haven’t yet published a book, know one thing – it is ridiculously challenging. Not only is the writing and editing process tough, the marketing phase makes grown adults cry.

Selling books is very hard.

There are somewhere between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books published every year in the U.S. alone.  On average, they sell less than 250 copies each (I had to recheck that 250 figure a few times because I couldn’t believe it, but it’s correct).

Prior to my book being published in October of 2012, I thought I would crush it in sales. I had strategy after strategy after strategy. It turns out, when the book launched it came no where near my sales goal in the first week, 30 days, or 3 months. However, I readjusted, readjusted more, and then readjusted even more and soon enough hit a sales stride.

By the 5th month after publishing, I reached 10,000 books sold. To this day, my book sales remain strong and I’m proud of the markers hit (including #1 Amazon Relationship Book and #1 Amazon Happiness Book).

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 7.25.10 PM

My book’s Amazon book rankings in March 2013.

My sales journey is only 3 years old and it has already been eye opening. In an effort to help you if you’re struggling with the book sales process or just simply to give insight if you’re currently crushing it on the marketing end, I’d like share the top 4 sales lessons I’ve learned in my book journey.

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