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Brand Strategist for Serena Williams & Airbnb on Entrepreneurship, Micro-Influencers & Balance with Rakia Reynolds

This week’s guest isn’t one that stops people in their tracks at the sound of her name, but that’s by design. You may not have heard of Rakia Reynolds, but I bet you’ve heard of her clients. Her company, Skai Blue Media has a star-studded roster filled with names like Serena Williams, Jill Scott, AirBNB, DELL, and so many more.

Although she managed to flip the script and drag some never-released details out of me, the best part of the interview is all the tea Rakia brought to the table. Episode 7 was such a blessing to participate in. Rakia is so patient, so thorough, and so clearly convicted to everything she believes in. After some rough changes and a new baby, Rakia created a business that allowed her to satisfy all of her basic needs. She said she didn’t sleep peacefully for the first five years, but she’s gained a lifetime of experience – and I am so excited to share her wisdom with you.

There is no one in the world who understands the power of branding as she does. I’m willing to bet on it. Rakia’s gotten a couple of trash cans airtime on Good Morning America and arranged for a glassblower to receive prime placement in a national news outlet. She is unstoppable. And, as she celebrates her business’s upcoming 10th anniversary, Rakia shares how everything about digital communication will change post-coronavirus. She’s a visionary who’s been right time and again.

She sized me up effortlessly and broke my brand down to the core values and color psychology. Her business tends to take a quality over quantity approach to building client relationships and that’s about the only way I can think to describe the therapeutic power session we had on this podcast.

Her command of the power of digital marketing and influencer society will blow you away. While listening to this episode, you’re going to want to take notes, trust me. And if you’ve been trying to decide how to build a brand that truly represents you, there’s no reason why you can’t make it happen by the time you’ve received Rakia’s good word. She handles her business with the kind of finesse a Black woman brings to the table. An active user of the left and right brain, her success is the direct result of her creativity and determination.
Nothing about Rakia’s journey was easy. She even reflected on the time when I first interviewed her, long ago. She says she’s in the ‘Golden Days’ now. Looking at her and her family thrive as she continues to expand everything she built as one of the first Black women to own a mixed media production company is a pleasure I’m honored to have. 
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