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Appearance Matters: A Guide To Making the Right Impression

The following post was written by Regina M. Tucker. Regina is a NCEA certified licensed esthetician, professional beauty writer, and business owner.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development. Please visit her website and follow her twitter

It had been a while since I had seen my friends and the transition from one to two sons had not been good on me both physically and mentally. The time had come for my new mother of two debut. I showed up at Chuck-E –Cheese (yes Chuck-E-Cheese) looking like the disheveled piece of work I was.  Ugg boots, corduroy pants with Gerber Graduate Apple Cinnamon puffs stuck to my bum, a disheveled pony tail, and my Hanes-Her-Way tee hanging tough. When I spoke I sounded like my usual self, dishing out the latest on anti-aging serums, and facial advancements, however I must confess I looked like a train wreck.

Sometimes a good message can be overshadowed by our personal appearance. Imagine sitting in the audience awaiting the presentation from a renowned motivational speaker, as they make their way to the podium to address the audience, they stop to speak to you and in that moment you notice not only do they have day old broccoli stuck in their teeth but it also looks as if they slept in their suit.  Talk about leaving an impression! From making a new-mom-debut or simply heading out with friends we all want to make a good impression and it is important to take care of the physical details.  Here are a few beauty and grooming tips to help you make a lasting physical impression.


Take Your Time to Get Ready

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When it’s time to go out do you find yourself rummaging through the closet in frustration trying to figure out what to wear? Are you guilty of over scheduling yourself before going out?  Don’t let these bad habits steal your going out joy.  Not only do they chip away at precious time they also rob you of the “getting ready to go out experience”. When you take your time and get ready you are really laying great ground work for showing up and making a shining impression.

Think about how you feel when you are able to take your time and get dressed versus having to rush around the house, watching the clock and getting ready in a panic.  Instead of watching the clock; try planning your outfit ahead of time and make sure you have all the pieces of your ensemble ready to go for men this includes cuff links, socks and ties; for women stockings, earrings, and purses.  When you have taken your time to get ready you show up not only looking good but feeling good to.


Take Care of Your Skin


A face that is glowing, vibrant, alert and refreshed screams inviting!  Healthy skin can indicate a lot about a person’s lifestyle (i.e. smoking, sleeping habits, and dietary practices).  Therefore it is important to engage in a skincare regimen that supports dynamic skin health.  Here are a few tips to achieve a radiant outer glow:

Injectables/Dermal Fillers– If the idea of a little nip-tuck doesn’t frighten you then injectables and dermal fillers might be up your alley.  According to New Beauty fillers and injectables are one of the most requested anti-aging treatments today.  They offer quick results and very little downtime.  In the fight against crow’s feet, droopy brows, sagging cheeks, temples and jawlines injectables and dermal fillers are becoming the new norm for great skin.

Serums:  No needles are required with serums and serums offer high concentrations of ingredients to help address specific concerns such as dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity.  They are used in conjunction with a moisturizer and are one of the keys to amazing beautiful skin.

Facials:  Today’s facials are much different than the fluff facials of the 80’s and early 90’s. Today’s facials incorporate age fighting professional grade products that give the skin a boost to fight free radicals and appear radiant, bright and refreshed. They are worth the investment and should be considered a necessary part of your skin health just like your routine teeth cleanings.


Take Care of Your Teeth

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According to the American Association of Orthodontists 48% of adults 18-24 have detagged themselves in a Facebook photo because of their smile. Who doesn’t love a great smile? More and more Americans are going to great lengths to improve their pearly whites.  Here are a few options:

Teeth Whitening: From between $350-1,500 you can try an in-office whitening procedure.  A laser or light source is used to intensify a bleaching agent, which is applied to the teeth.  It can be performed in one office visit in as little as one hour.

Invisalign and Veneers– From $2,500 to $8,000 for discoloration alignment and spacing or a combination of issues Invisalign and Veneers are optimal solutions.  These two options require multiple visits, and a long term commitment to their upkeep.  Be sure you are ready for the investment and long term maintenance associated with these more advanced options.

Other Options– From over the counter whitening solutions to minimally invasive dental kiosks in your local mall new options are emerging to achieve the perfect smile and while I have not tried all the options; my general thoughts are that individual results may vary and individuals should consult with their dentist to guide all advanced treatment options.


Grooming/ Styling and Scenting


No one has to suffer from grooming and styling dilemmas anymore.  With the birth of the male grooming lounge no man has to walk around with a mangled beard anymore and for women thanks to the advent of the blow dry bar no woman has to submit to a twelve hour day of beauty because she can’t be seen for a quick blow out.

Perfumes and colognes are also very nice however remember to choose scents that are not to strong and not too heavy.  For day wear I recommend scents with light floral under tones for her while for men I recommend scents with sandalwood or aquatic under tones.  For the evening I recommend scents with amber under tones for her and bergamont or patchouli undertones for him.  No matter what you choose remember to spray responsibly.


The Final Thought:

Let’s be honest beauty professionals are making it a lot easier for us to take care of ourselves.   These days it’s about making the time and saving the money to invest in ourselves.  Today’s average Joe and Jane is busy and on the go putting themselves last I say to hell with that put yourself first and show up looking FIRST RATE!

Epilogue: After my disheveled Chuck –E-Cheese coming out party a few short weeks later I was treated to an impromptu Mommy Rest Day and Girls Lunch.  I showed up Christian Louboutin’s and all and proudly proclaimed I AM BACK!


Paul C. Brunson

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