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5 Million Downloads, Award-Winning, and Profitable. Here’s How Tiffany Ashitey Did It.

Tiffany Ashitey is the Executive Producer of the Essence Podcast Network, and it’s my honor to have her as our guest for this week’s Better With Paul. In Episode 10, we turn a few nonbelievers (you know who you are) into believers – as we discuss the depths of the infamous world of podcasting. I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but the last five years have thrust podcasting into an unforeseen space – one with plenty of potential for entrepreneurs and content creators. 
She’s hosted guests like Regina King, Issa Rae, and Tiffany ‘The Budgetnista’ Aliche to her show and turned podcasting into a multi-dimensional experience. Her flagship podcast among the network catalog, ‘Yes, Girl!,’ turned podcasting into so much more than an audio experience. It’s even more than video. 
Podcasting is an experience. We build communities and create opportunities. Speaking of opportunity, the business savvy founder of Yes Girl podcast and all its subsidies believes we have just barely scratched the surface. In terms of scaling and strategy, deals like Joe Rogan’s nine-figure Spotify signing and Michelle Obama’s entrance into the podcasting world shows that things are just now kicking into gear. With over five million streams to the Yes Girl podcast alone, Tiffany’s unveiled a system, more like a blueprint, for people of color worldwide.
The podcasting game is developing more each day. On the show, Tiffany pushed us to consider aspects of the business like connectivity and accessibility that many Black content creators may overlook. With less than 40% of the continent of Africa having Wifi access, we both see so much room to grow, to network, to learn
Tiffany called that missed opportunity an economy unto itself. And she’s right.
Her strategy is to tackle the same possibilities that the biggest names in podcasting are already taking advantage of. She believes in meeting the audience where they are and pushing the status quo. In this episode, Tiffany shares the truth of the future of podcasting in ways that make people like you, and I believe that we, too, can create a massive audience and monetize. 
She’s not just talking; Tiffany’s word holds weight. Her podcasts have received not one, not two, but THREE Webbie nominations. They’re earning over six-figures in individual revenue – yes, I got the numbers out of her. And they’ve set the tone for the future of the podcasting experience. 
She’s raised the bar so high that I can’t help but become motivated to push harder. I hope you catch that same determined motivation after you listen to this episode.
If you’ve been on the fence about podcasting or looking for ways to scale your show, get into this episode right now. Tiffany has a few words for you (and the non-believing haters too).
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