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30 Steps To A Better You – The Journey Begins!


WWII veteran Ed Bray was 89 years old when he finally learned how to read the medals he’d been awarded for his bravery. He’d been illiterate for the majority of his life, a secret he hid with the help of his wife, who died in 2009 and close friends.

But he’d been ashamed. It was like he was only living half his life because he couldn’t fully appreciate it all.

While you and I may be literate, we all have things in our life that hold us back from fully appreciating our lives. Maybe it’s our fears. Maybe it’s how we feel about our bodies, or our minds. Maybe it’s emotional or mental. Maybe it’s our relationships – family, friends, significant others – and how those relationships are faring. Are they thriving or failing? And if they’re failing, how is that holding us down?

I’m here to propose that just because you’ve always been one way, doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. Just like Ed Bray didn’t have to remain illiterate, we don’t have to remain unable to find and enjoy the things we want in life.

But how do we get there?

It starts in the same way it started for Bray. We have to learn.

Starting today (and posted each week for the next 30 weeks) I’m going to take you back to school with my new plan, “30 Steps to A Better You,” for how we can make our lives better for ourselves, our families, our businesses, in our personal lives and with our partners. Each step will seem easy to follow, but that’s just the reading part. It’s in the actual doing and following of these steps that will determine whether or not you’ll finally get where you need to go.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. Many times we get stuck. The “30 Steps” series is the push on your back to help you move. Are you just getting out of a relationship? Are you feeling lost or aimless in life? Are you having trouble clarifying and defining your passions? Then these 30 Steps were designed just for you.

In life we’re taught that the willingness to learn and grow from what we learn is what it takes to make it. It doesn’t matter whether “making it” is for school or for a job or career. How well we adapt and modify our behaviors and mindset determines our success. But how do you adapt? How do you change your mindset?

Well, that’s what I’m here for. Together we’re going to all get to where we need to be.

Are you ready to learn?

To read the first step (#1) on identifying your values, click here.  


Paul C. Brunson

Mentor, Entrepreneur, & Television Host. My goal is to help you live your best life. I’m the world’s most influential matchmaker, founded and exited three businesses, host two television shows, spent nearly a decade working directly for a billionaire, and share my experiences by mentoring through Knowledge Share