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10 Ways Dating Will Change in 2014 and Beyond

The only thing constant in life is change. Dating is drastically different today than when our parents courted each other. Expect the future of romance to hold even more change, especially given the proliferation of technology.


The following are 10 changes I predict for 2014 and beyond. 

1) More Male-Focused Relationship Content

I personally know of several media outlets discussing it and I see the influx of self-development blogs and books geared towards men. There is a growing trend and need for male relationship-oriented content and we’re about to see it explode.


2) The Stigma of Office Dating Will Disappear

The workplace is now the #1 way couples, who eventually marry, meet (eclipsing introductions from friends and family). From discussions I’ve had with Human Resources experts, this trend is being acknowledged and with that acknowledgment, both policy and acceptance of office romances will ease (but I also predict these romances will remain complicated).


3) Google Glass Will Change The Game

Wearable technology like Google Glass will change the game. In the future, single people will use these technologies to simply glance at someone we like in a quiet train or noisy bar and instantly know if they’re single. It could then link us to whatever dating site we’ve joined (or we can sign up) and get connected.


4) Hologram Dating

Holograms won’t just be for Tupac at Coachella. Communication will be done on the latest device and when ready, you can determine the location and date as holograms. The member gets to see the other person in full and can determine whether they match their photo and whether their personality matches their personality online. Because it’s a hologram, you can date as you would in real life without the worry of any potential dangers.


5) DNA Matchmaking

I’ve been pitched by companies offering DNA-based matching technology. Soon, you won’t need to tell a system or person who you want, your genes will dictate your desires. You’ll simply indicate exactly the “type” of person you’re interested in and you’ll be matched with mutually interested people.


6) More Offline Events & Innovative Dating Themed Social Gatherings 

The supply of potential new dates will increase (as it has for the last few years) and with the demand for more first dates, organizations, businesses,  event planners will attempt to meet this need by increasing the number of “singles’ events.” Now, I’ve attended (and my clients have attended) many of these and they’re typically ineffective because they’re heavily weighted female.  Expect this to change, too. Organizations will be forced to innovate and creatively find ways to encourage men to show up and participate.


7) Equal Embracement of Dating Technology 

Today, certain ethnic groups such as African-Americans and Hispanics make up a disproportionate percentage of online daters as well as users of dating applications. This will change – quickly. In 2013, I’ve seen several minority groups emerge as the fastest adopters of dating technologies. In the future, expect for nearly all who date to begin using some kind of technology.


8) Increased Number of Niche Dating Sites & Apps 

In just my 5 years of being a dating industry professional, I’ve witnessed thousands of new sites launch (and thousands shutdown, too). This is not so much a trend, but where I see change is in the number of super niche themed online destinations. Literally, anything you can think of exists (or is launching as I write). Want to meet people who love wine? There’s a site for that. Want to meet people with high credit scores? There’s a site for that. Any theme you can think of, it’s coming to a dating website or app accessible to you.


9) Social Media-Driven Profiling

Profile validation has long been talked about and now it’s just about here. Dating sites will incorporate users’ social wealth by analyzing their Facebook friend lists and online persona to give increased confidence for the authenticity of the profile. This will make it nearly impossible for scammers to target users of online dating sites and will grow trust within the online dating industry.


10) More “Facading” (aka Self-Image Editing)

Ever notice how clear your friends’ skin looks in their Instagram photos or perhaps how white their teeth are in those Facebook posts? It could be a result of their use of profile photo-editing applications. I call this “facading” and I saw it happen at very high rates this year. As we continue to place more emphasis on profile photos in dating, expect more facading.


Exciting new advancements and trends in dating abound. In fact, one way my matchmaking agency is contributing to this is through the launch of  Operation MAN. We know almost everyone can think of that family member, friend or co-worker they’ve wanted to set up on a date. Now is your chance to help them find love. In fact, if your referral is accepted into our database and matched with a client, you will receive $100. Simply visit this page to learn more!

What other ways do you think dating will change in the future?

Paul C. Brunson

Mentor, Entrepreneur, & Television Host. My goal is to help you live your best life. I’m the world’s most influential matchmaker, founded and exited three businesses, host two television shows, spent nearly a decade working directly for a billionaire, and share my experiences by mentoring through Knowledge Share