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Better With Paul is a newsletter and upcoming podcast for people who value legacy, financial freedom, and culture.

I have spent the last decade talking with peak performers like Oprah, 50 Cent, Katie Couric, and Ted Leonsis. Better With Paul allows me to identify and dissect the business, relationship, and health lessons from the journeys of these innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, and researchers. The podcast will launch on July 1st, 2020!

I write a weekly newsletter called Better where I share lessons learned preparing, interviewing, and observing the world’s top performers. I also include announcements and invitations to special events. Available only through email.

Above All, Live Your Truth

Four years ago, when I was launching my brand, a close friend and mentor (who was at the time and remains today a very successful businessman) advised me to never talk or refer to spirituality. Why? Because he said it…


14 Proven Ways To Create Your Own Happiness 🙂

You are responsible for your own happiness. That’s what our marriage counselor told my wife and me a few days before we jumped the broom. At the time, I didn’t get it. I thought as a couple, we were supposed…


Your Friends Are Not Relationship Experts

Your friends are your friends. Funny, thoughtful, dependable and supportive. But they aren’t therapists. They aren’t dating experts. And as the old saying goes, opinions are like “assholes” – everyone has one. Consider the source. Your loved ones often give…


Is Your Dating Life Doomed Because You Had A Bad Relationship With Your Parents?

When the parent/child relationship is strained – like perhaps your mother is domineering and controlling or your father is bitter or conflicted – we can fall into this trap of thinking we can’t change our relationship with them, or our…


The Most Powerful Love Story I’ve Ever Heard – What Working For Your Relationship Really Means

Did you ever find that you had to lose everything to understand what you truly had? That’s the story of Bob and Gloria Farley and their incredible love story that survived even after a car accident robbed Bob Farley of…


What Are African American Single Mothers Teaching Their Daughters About Romantic Relationships?

The following guest post is from Johnitha Watkins Johnson, PhD Candidate at Texas A&M University and author of a new study entitled “I'm Right By Doing What My Mother Says...”: A Pilot Study Chronicling African American Single Mothers' Influence on…


30 Steps To A Better You – The Journey Begins!

WWII veteran Ed Bray was 89 years old when he finally learned how to read the medals he’d been awarded for his bravery. He’d been illiterate for the majority of his life, a secret he hid with the help of…


#GoodPeopleProject: Southern Girl in the City

Danyelle is an old fashioned spirit with a modern twist. In this first feature for the #GoodPeopleProject (a new series where I profile good people in search of something I believe my community can help with) we’re profiling a single…


(30 Steps to a Better You) STEP #1: Identify Your Values

“Our necessities never equal our wants.” – Benjamin Franklin Would you want a sports car that couldn’t drive you anywhere? It would look nice. The stereo system is incredible. The rims are chrome and shining. But when it came to…


How To Ask Someone Out on a Date

The following guest post is from Francesca Hogi, a friend and fellow matchmaker. Be sure to read more about her company and follow her on twitter.  It seems to me there are two types of people: those who are comfortable putting…