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Better With Paul is a podcast, newsletter and community for everyone who values legacy, culture and financial freedom. Each week, I identify and dissect business, relationship and health lessons from the journeys of innovators, entrepreneurs and creators from the U.S., UK, Caribbean and Africa.

In the weekly newsletter, I share lessons learned preparing, interviewing, and observing the world’s top performers. I also include announcements and invitations to special events. Available only through email.

Confidence Is The Great Equalizer Of Dating. Do You Have It?

I have a secret to tell you — I’m a voyeur. Not a “sit outside your house and watch you get dressed” type of voyeur, but the type that is obsessed with how you interact with new people… especially romantic…


10 Things Every Man Who Is Single Needs to Know

One thing I pride myself on is listening. And since I started blogging for ESSENCE, I’ve had a lot to listen to because… well, y’all have had a lot to say. What stood out the most is that no matter…


Perfecting The Balance Between Supporter, Career Woman, Wife and Mother

The following post is an interview my wife (Jill Brunson - that's her on the left with our son Kingston) recently conducted for I Am Modern Magazine. The article was written by Esther Boykin. I thought it would be powerful…


The “Secret” That Got My Wife & Me Through 12 Years Of Marriage

Tomorrow on July 21st, my wife and I will celebrate 12 years of marriage!!! (That's us on our wedding day on the left.) It’s amazing for me to think about how long we’ve been together because it honestly feels like…


Never Allow Anyone To Rob You Of Your Dream!

The following is an excerpt from an email I received in 2010. It was written by a veteran agent at one of the top talent agencies. “My team and I have reviewed your YouTube videos and we don’t think you…


PLEASE!!! Can We Ban The Dinner 1st Date?

I nominate we declare death to the dinner first date. It's not that it's a bad idea. It's just done to death. Two people sit down, eat food and have a conversation, but what do you really learn about someone…



If you want the formal version of my biography, that a PR professional wrote, check out the section below titled "PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY." If you rather have the casual, we're hanging out drinking Red Stripes version, here it goes... I Never…


Oprah and Paul Carrick Brunson Launch Biggest Dating Challenge in TV History

Oprah Winfrey’s up to her usual programming genius once again. The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) has tapped’s very own Modern Day Matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson, also known as the “real life Hitch,” to co-host the biggest dating challenge in TV…