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Better With Paul is a newsletter and upcoming podcast for people who value legacy, financial freedom, and culture.

I have spent the last decade talking with peak performers like Oprah, 50 Cent, Katie Couric, and Ted Leonsis. Better With Paul allows me to identify and dissect the business, relationship, and health lessons from the journeys of these innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, and researchers. The podcast will launch on July 1st, 2020!

I write a weekly newsletter called Better where I share lessons learned preparing, interviewing, and observing the world’s top performers. I also include announcements and invitations to special events. Available only through email.


If you want the formal version of my biography, that a PR professional wrote, check out the section below titled "PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY." If you rather have the casual, we're hanging out drinking Red Stripes version, here it goes... I Never…


My New Box Of Chocolates

Welcome to my new home!!! I debated if I should have used the term ‘home’ or ‘blog’ but I much prefer the former. Why? Because through this platform, I will share with you my most personal possession, my thoughts. This…


The Story of ‘Matchmaker’ Paul Carrick Brunson

How and why I started matchmaking is much different from most people in the 'love' industry. Here's an appearance I did on Dr. Drew's LifeChangers discussing what got me motivated to become a matchmaker and life coach. httpv://  


Modern Day Matchmaker LIVE Overview

I always loved lectures in school (yup, that's the nerd in me) but told myself, if I ever hit the "speakers circuit" I would remix it. Well, my time came in early 2010 when I hosted my first event in…


Matchmaker Gives Jacque Reid a Dating Challenge

The following is from I had a great time running around NYC with Jacque!... Journalist Jacque Reid says she has never dated outside her race. To help open her mind to dating within new social circles, Matchmaker Paul Carrick…


What Is Flow Dating?

Flow Dating is my spin on speed dating! I invented it 2 years ago after witnessing how successful speed dating could be but also seeing how terribly boring most speed dating events were. Check out the video below for a…


Oprah and Paul Carrick Brunson Launch Biggest Dating Challenge in TV History

Oprah Winfrey’s up to her usual programming genius once again. The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) has tapped’s very own Modern Day Matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson, also known as the “real life Hitch,” to co-host the biggest dating challenge in TV…


Matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson Hooking People Up, One Tweet At A Time

The following is a repost from one of my favorite site's Black Snob. It's a great recap of #MDMW (Posted in 2012) Paul Carrick Brunson, love doctor, helps people meet people for a living. It's what he does. People hire…