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Better With Paul is a podcast, newsletter, and community for everyone who values legacy, culture and financial freedom. Periodically, I identify and dissect business, relationship and health lessons from the journeys of innovators, entrepreneurs and creators from the U.S., UK, Caribbean and Africa.

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If You Want To Find Your Passion, Get Your Hands Dirty!

“What book can I read to find my passion?” That was a question someone recently asked me on twitter. I wish I had a bullhorn for the answer, but since I don’t let’s try this: THERE IS NO BOOK YOU…


10 Ways To Work On Your Marriage Before You’re Married

The best time to work on your marriage is before you’re married. If you are single, here are 10 things you can do now to prepare for strong matrimony. 1) Stop Falling in Love with Potential Having a healthy relationship…


6 Habits I Learned From 6 Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

I spend a few hours each week seeking out entrepreneurs. I normally block a time late at night when my wife and sons are sleeping and start digging. I hit up every platform possible searching for business people I’ve never…


What Do You Want Said At Your Funeral?

Imagine family and friends all gathered for your funeral.  Picture all of your loved ones together to eulogize you. When you think of the general theme of the countless stories that will be told about you by the people who…


99.9% Of What’s Said Online Never Would Be Said In Person

Just search for any random video on youtube, it could be something as simple as a cat jumping in a box and it’s guaranteed to have one thing in the comments section: messages of severe criticism and blatant hate. If…


Let Go and Take Back Your Life!

Love isn’t supposed to hurt. Love isn’t supposed to make us feel disrespected and used. Even when we have a hard time defining exactly what love is, it’s clear when it’s not given to us. If you are in a…


If You Want Plan A to Work, You Must Burn Plan B!

There are many ideas on how to become successful. Never have I come across one as simple and powerful as this: Burn Your Ships! This idea comes from the story of Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortez. In 1519, Cortez landed his…


7 Reasons Why I’d Never Cheat On My Wife

This is an actual conversation that took place between myself and a staffer (supplied by the venue) at one of my events: Guy: C’mon son, I know you’re married, but don’t tell me you ain’t smashin’ none of these hotties…


Don’t Wait On Boaz To Knock On Your Door

If I got a penny every time someone told me they are "waiting on their Boaz," my net worth would be greater than Mark Zuckerberg’s. He’s not going to knock on your door. But let me tell you who is,…