Knowledge Share

Weekly Masterclass
of the skills you need
to succeed in business and life.


Each week focuses on a new skill. The skill is taught through an easy to digest 15-minute summary in audio and text of key lessons from three books, access to a LIVE skills workshop, and participation in a private learning community.

Knowledge Share proudly uses the one-for- one model. For each member, we provide a “first home library” of 10-20 books in addition to other support for the 1 billion children in the world without books in their homes.

Our mission is to LEVEL UP as a community, through knowledge sharing.

Join today if you want…

  • An experienced mentor to guide you step by step on skill development in must know topics like business, career, wealth, networking, leadership, influence, habit building, and more.
  • Access to weekly workshops and bonus Q&A to best understand how to apply the lessons in your life.
  • To significantly increase the number of books you consume. One year of Knowledge Share gives you summaries of 156 books!
  • The flexibility of reading or listening to audio summaries.
  • A community of likeminded, ambitious, and socially conscious people.
  • To support a cause as important as literacy for children.

Join now, risk-free for 30 days and start learning today!

“Paul’s program is cutting edge, visionary, inspirational, and mind expanding.” – Alex Merritt, Engineer & Entrepreneur