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Openended: Sometimes the End Is the Beginning

I love romantic comedies. I mean I’m a sucker for a cutesy, yet predictable story featuring two attractive characters who tend to lead really great lives.

But if you’re like me, these tales don’t really reflect my love life, which has been messy, awesome, complicated, and surreal – sometimes at the same time.

When a relationship ends it may not be because the two people involved don’t love one another, but because they just can’t get the relationship part right. Sometimes, what may look like the end is really the beginning or it may just be left openended.


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The One Thing You Should Never Compromise Chasing Success

No word is more central to the vocabulary of any entrepreneur or any person in pursuit of success than sacrifice.

You will use it constantly to describe the choices you have to make in your business and personal life.

You will try to explain to your friends why you cannot go out this Friday or to your significant other why you have to travel or cannot pay a certain bill right now.

If you have children of a certain age, then you will have to explain why they may not be able get the same things as the kids next door whose parents work full-time, salaried jobs.

But, one thing I’ve learned (and still learning) – the hard way – was to never make the mistake of sacrificing what’s most important…


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3 Signs To Determine If Your Relationship Needs a Break

As a younger woman, I envisioned romantic relationships filled with smiles and kisses and fueled by respect and adoration. I always believed in notions of happily ever after and life-long commitment.

While those concepts haven’t been completely dismissed, I’ve grown to understand the range of complexity living between the words along with the effort required to have a relationship go the distance. It’s never been easy – although childhood fairy tales positioned it as such. Bedtime stories omitted mentions of growing beyond communication gaps, questionable judgment, commitment phobia, and emotional immaturity.  Because the magic potion is still in development, we’ve been forced to learn by doing.

During a particularly tumultuous relationship in my late twenties, I was introduced to an important lesson:

Some relationships need an intermission while others require an ending. 

Break Up

But how do you really know whether you need an intermission or an actual ending? Let’s discuss the 3 signs your relationship could use a break…

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Just K.I.S.S.: 4 Things To Remember When Dating Gets Tough

“When it’s right, it’s easy!”

I found myself saying this a lot to clients I coach…

But, somewhere along the way, something changed.


Dating is complicated.

I believe it’s time we get back to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle just for our own dating sanity!! I’ve got my own 4 ideas of what K.I.S.S. can stand for though, so let’s talk about it…


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Dating, “Survivor” Style: 3 Ways Dating Is Just Like a Reality Show

Dating is like Survivor.

I know. You may be wondering what a reality TV show about people stranded on a tropical island competing for prize money has to do with your dating life.

Well, I’ve competed on Survivor.

…And I’ve “competed” in the dating arena, as well. And, I’ve as coached clients through their dating challenges. As it turns out, I’ve discovered that Survivor and dating have a LOT more in common than I ever would have thought.

The truth is, some of the reasons why we fail in dating are the same reasons people fail in the game of Survivor (and I would know ALL about both).

Survivor; dating

Let’s talk about the 3 ways dating can be like being a castaway on Survivor.

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Get Yours!: 4 Steps to Get What You Want

A year or so ago I was having a spirited discussion over dinner with two female friends when the subject of marriage came up.

One of the women (*Kristen) had met her husband while in high school. Even though they battled distance (he remained in Atlanta while she went to college in Florida and subsequently took a job in Chicago), love survived and they’re now happily married with a son.

The other friend (*Janet) was single although she had high hopes of one day obtaining a degree in MRS. As Janet reiterated her adoration of Kristen’s marriage and how much she wanted a union just like it, Kristen gave her a powerful dose of reality. “You have no idea what it takes to have what we have.

Initially, we were both taken aback by her statement but then reality set in. She was right.

However, the honesty embodied in her words is applicable in all aspects of life. Kristen was behooving us to understand the work required to obtain the results we craved. Although our discussion was specific to marriage, it could easily be applied to career, physical fitness and finances.


The hardest part is getting started, so let’s talk about the 4 steps it takes to get yours! 

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(Un)Networking: Top 3 Dating Strategies to Apply to Networking

In many ways, traditional networking is a lot like dating.

It’s a part of life you get more tired of the older you get – especially as it gets harder to find people who are looking for the same things you are.

Networking events are at the center of this problem. As David Siteman Garland put it, [inlinetweet prefix=”#UnNetworking | ” tweeter=”@PaulCbrunson; @cadredc” suffix=””]“Networking events are like nightclubs, because most people there are just looking for a professional one-night stand.”[/inlinetweet]

The most basic problem with traditional networking events is that they are mixing bowls for professionals who are there for different reasons. No matter how you slice it, everyone in the room is focused on his or her own personal agenda – whether it be signing up a new client, creating awareness for their business, or connecting with someone in the hopes of developing a mutually beneficial relationship.


So, to help you navigate through, I am thrilled to share with you my top 3 effective dating strategies that can be applied to your professional networking efforts.

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Work It!: 4 Ways To Make Your Dating Network Work For You

“Your network predicts nearly every opportunity (career, platonic & romantic) you’ll have in life.” – Paul C. Brunson

If Paul’s quote is accurate, some of us are in big trouble. Although the internet and social media platforms have expanded our reach tenfold compared to decades past, it still feels smaller in terms of dating.

Is it because we’ve somehow found ways to shrink our ‘vast’ networks or because we don’t leverage their full potential? Is it due to applying unrealistic (and unnecessary) rules to our dating pool? Or, is it just nature’s way of forcing us to work harder for love? Do we simply enjoy having an inordinate number of ways to (over)complicate our dating lives?

Dating Network

Instead of having your network work against you, here are 4 ways to make your dating network work harder for you!

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The 2 Most Important Ingredients for Any Successful Relationship

I remember being at a crossroads in my life. Some would call it a rut, where I felt like I just couldn’t get ahead. I thought I was outshining everyone but not getting noticed.   I was out-talking everyone but not getting heard.

Then, God began to use me as a mentor to a few young men and it changed my focus. I realized instead of trying to outshine and out-talk everyone else, I needed to strive to out-serve. That’s what has made all of the difference.


It was in serving others that I realized what healthy relationships should be comprised of. Let’s talk about how you can evaluate your relationships with the 2 ingredients necessary for any successful relationship…

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Are Married Men Sabotaging Marriage For the Single Woman?

For the past few years, I’ve been in that phase where a large percentage of my social circle is getting married and having babies. While some single friends are struggling to adjust, I would venture to say I’m doing just fine.

I’m not weeping in a corner wondering what has become of my so-called life, but I’m also not doing “I’m single & lovin’ it” cartwheels down my driveway, either.

I’ve attended enough beautiful weddings to appreciate the promise that exists in an ‘I Do.’ And, I’ve witnessed enough nasty divorces to understand how quickly things can take a terrible turn for the worst.

For most single women open to one day tying the knot, marriage is sacred. It’s the culmination of finding Mr. Right and securing that once elusive thing called everlasting love. However, as I talk to many unmarried friends lately, there seems to be an increased hesitation to exchange rings and recite vows.

Married Men

A negative view of marriage has definitely emerged carrying with it a slew of pessimistic hearts and downturned mouths.

Why, though?

A few interactions with some married male friends and acquaintances tell the story…

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