Operation MAN ($100 Referral Program)!

Wanted: Great Men!


It’s back! As my matchmaking firm continues to grow, we are constantly looking for more awesome, commitment-minded men to meet our amazing clients – which is why we’ve re-launched Operation MAN.

We know almost everyone can think of that family member, friend or co-worker they’ve wanted to set up on a date. Now is your chance to help them find love.

In fact, if your referral is accepted into our database and matched with a client, you will receive $100.

Sounds like a win-win, right?

All you have to do is send us the name, residing city and email address of any single men you know in the United States, Canada or the UK over the age of 30 – and the more men you send, the better!

You can send us this information by filling out the form found below, and we will follow up with them once we receive their information.

Thank you for helping grow the PCB family, and we can’t wait to see what great men you send our way!

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Elizabeth S. Anderson
Elizabeth S. Anderson

Find me one, please!

Joia Grace

I would like one..

Barbara Miller

Make money doing it????

Lynette Hodges

I want one, Paul Carrick Brunson

Patricia Tulloch

I want one!


PaulCBrunson BTW, Morehouse College is a gold mine for this! I found one just through FB.


monicafcox let me know your thoughts on how to pull them in at scale.

Johanne Johnson

to old men


@PaulCBrunson monicafcox  Have a sign-up form on your site or simply create a site for people to sign-up for your service (kind like okaycupid or pof study how they scale.).

Evette Johnson

Count me in…

Katherine Patterson

How about “operation Woman” to assist commitment-minded women with finding a partner

Stacey Walker

I can testify about Operation MAN! I recommended someone and Paul set him up on a date. It worked out well for all 🙂

Fran Gentry

I’m on it

Paul Carrick Brunson

Nice Fran Gentry!