(30 Steps to a Better You) Step #4: How to Make Your Vision Statement a Reality

(30 Steps to a Better You) Step #4: How to Make Your Vision Statement a Reality

If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us. ~Jim Rohn

In the last step for our “30 Steps to a Better You” we put on a little Ice Cube, announced “Today Was A Good Day” and started outlining our dream day – what it would look like, what it would feel like and what kind of person would we be. We looked into the future and we liked what we saw.

Now it’s time to figure out how to get there. Now it’s time to go to work!

Remember that document, outlining your future dream day? It’s time to take the items you wrote down on them and break them out into action items. (If you haven’t written your dream day yet, see how to do it here).

For instance, if on your dream day you said you would have a new, better career, breakdown what are the steps that could lead to this career a year from now. Is it going back to school? Is it brushing up your resume? Is it networking to cast a wider net to find that dream job? Is it taking some kind of course or training? Is it researching different jobs and places of employment and applying for work? Or is it all of those things?

If your dream was to have a new, loving, healthy relationship, outline what you need to work on both from without and within to make this happen. Do you need to work on your outlook, appearance, fears about dating? Do you need to get out and meet more people? Do you need to try online dating or to do things that would allow you to cast a wider net of people in order to find the one who is right for you?

Look at each component of your dream day and ask yourself – how can I make this an actuality? What would need to happen? What would I need to do? What would I need to possibly change about myself or my outlook to make this dream real?

And don’t set yourself up for failure by making what you need to do too broad, break it down to small, actionable goals. If your “dream” day involves you being 30 lbs lighter, don’t make a goal to “lose 30 lbs in a year” make a goal to take a walk for your health three times a week. Make a goal to talk to a nutritionist and create a healthier diet. Make a goal to take up a fun, physical activity once a week – like a sport or dancing. Make the action item something you can easily achieve that will have the cumulative effect of long-term success.

The most important part about this exercise is realizing that you ultimately have the greatest control over how to make you happy. Within your mind and your own hands are the tools you need to advance, by outlining what can be done, then breaking them out into small actionable items. These small actionable items will feel more achievable and, in turn, get you closer to your bigger goal – your dream goal.

Your task – once you’ve written down your action items add them to your 30 Steps to a Better You folder. You’ll need them for next week when we start developing strategies for our goals.

For more information on crafting your vision, read my book “It’s Complicated” or check out Mind Tools’ “Mission Statements and Vision Statements.”

If you haven’t read the previous step (#3) on writing a personal vision statement, click here. 


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[…] week in our “30 Steps to a Better You” we started talking about breaking down our dreams and turning them into actionable items, making […]

Pilar Nalwimba

Great post 🙂

Tonette Bell

Self help stuff just do not work for me, I need a power that is greater to walk with me through life journey…and when that power is working with me , we make dual team..Just for me today my higher power has a name. i call him ‘JESUS’ .

Emily Pierce

This is a fantastic post, this post along with your other ones like SMART and DUMB goals have sort of a psychology approach to them, the way it’s articulated and laid out makes it seem very tangible and realistic. Great Job 🙂