Do You Believe In The Power Of Prayer? If So, Pray With Me.

Do You Believe In The Power Of Prayer? If So, Pray With Me.

This is a terribly tragic and profound story about the cousin of a good friend of mine. Yesterday morning, a pregnant mother, who was leaving her baby shower, after just getting married 30 days ago, lost her life in a car crash. The driver of the car was her 15 year-old son. In the backseat, her 5 year-old daughter. Her children survived the crash and her unborn baby was delivered alive.

This family needs our prayer. Let us uplift them in prayer. Let us also be reminded that we must embrace today, for tomorrow is not promised. Friends, I ask you to allow this story to remind you that we must make every day count. Appreciate every moment and take from it everything that you possibly can, for you may never be able to experience it again…

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Crash Kills Mother-To-Be, Doctors Save Baby

An Arlington family is mourning the loss of a mother, wife and daughter.

ShaChela Womack died in a car crash early Sunday morning in Dallas County at FM 1382 near the intersection of Eagle Ford Drive.

Womack’s 15-year old son, who relatives said had just gotten his learners’ permit was behind the wheel of the car. They said he may have been driving because she was tired.  Her 5-year old daughter was also on the car.

Womack was 9 months pregnant, police said.

The children survived, and doctors were able to save the baby, but Womack died.

“She found happiness, she had just found happiness with her husband,” said Lavonne Gilbert, Womack’s mother.

Womack had just gotten married on June 30th.

“To be married only 30 days and for this to happen,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert said Womack was driving back from her own baby shower. The police report said Womack’s son told police he couldn’t see through the back window because of the items in the car.

“Those were her baby shower gifts,” explained Gilbert. “Something happened, he lost control… I guess they went off the road, flipped.”

The children are expected to be okay. Gilbert said the baby’s heart is beating, and doctors at Methodist Central are looking for brain activity.

Womack’s husband was at a funeral for his grandmother at the time of the crash. The baby will be named after that grandmother.

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Ponder OnThat

Oh wow!! My heart and prayers goes out to the family!!


I am very sadden by the news, my heart and prayers go out to their family.


Heart-breaking! Prayers going up!


Praying ….

Ann Marie

What matters today is right here right now. We must dare to live in a place of gratitude and presence. Everything in life is temporary. Make your life counts, cause at the end of the day it is only what you do with it now that will matters most.




This was the cousin of a friend of mine. Please keep their family in prayer. They were all together at a family reunion earlier that day. The newborn ended up passing as well and they held a double funeral. *cherish life*

Allison Todd

Life is certainly not promised. As a mother, my heart gravitates toward the children, especially her son. Please surround him with the best therapy and amazing prayer! This family needs our prayers, our good spirit, and OUR smiles! If there is anything that I can do to help….please contact me! All my prayers! Rest in peace beloved angel!


How wonderful God saw it relative to bring those children into the safety of marriage & a Dad before He brought His angel home. GOD bless and much favor surround you all, especially the eldest son, and yours! Love from Georgia

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