#MentorMonday [Recap]: Defining Your Mission And Your Vision With Angela Benton

This week on #MentorMonday we welcomed on Ms. Angela Benton.  Angela came on #MentorMonday to talk about how to define your mission and your vision for a better business and better life.  How did Angela define her life and her business?  She saw a need and made it her mission to help entrepreneurs.  Angela brought diversity to Silicon Valley.  As the founder and CEO of the NewME Accelerator program, Angela has accelerated hundreds of entrepreneurs.  Since 2011, NewME entrepreneurs have raised over $17 million in venture capital funds.  So it is safe to say that Angela has certainly defined success in Silicon Valley.

Paul was pleased as punch to speak to Angela who he has known for quite a while.  They discussed how Angela got value out of Twitter when it was first introduced and she even called out some old #MentorMonday alum like Lamar Tyler and Wayne Sutton.  Two of the “cool kids” of Twitter were reunited and here’s what was on tap.

Angela discussed:

How to define yourself.

How and why she started Black Web 2.o

How her conference led to a NewME Startup House featured on CNN’s Black In America

Why after three months in Silicon Valley she took her three children across the country to live there.

What character trait she wishes she had had to accelerate her success.

What the Reality Start business model is and why it is problematic.

Why you should follow Sean “P-Diddy” Combs on Instagram.

How to build a business as a mompreneur.

Why she chose Jamaal over Ricardo… That’s right.  Paul had Angela, a single, African American woman making boss moves, play the dating game with two of our #MentorMonday brothers!

It's important to spend some time (1)

Want more of the good stuff from this episode? Check out these resources.

Where you can find Angela AngelaBenton.me.

Where you can sign up for the NewMe Accelerator.

Black Web 2.o

Mike Street’s podcast, #SmartBrownVoices

CNN’s Black In America: The Promised Land where Angela was joined by #MentorMonday alumni Wayne Sutton and Anthony Frasier

#MentorMonday with Wayne Sutton

#MentorMonday with Anthony Frasier

#MentorMonday with Lamar Tyler


This week Paul also announced that Weekend Startup School will be accepting MORE applications.  With the unexpected selling out of the event in 5 days, more space has been added, but registrations will be closing soon.  Click here to find out how to join the class.

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