#MentorMonday [Recap]: Conquering 2015 D.U.M.B. Goals With F.O.C.U.S.

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2015 and the first #MentorMonday recap!

Let’s start this recap doing something different.  Share in the comments what you did in 2014 for your business or your life in general that will set the stage for 2015 being all the better.  You never know who will take your best of 2014 to make 2015 their best.

Now, to the #MentorMonday recap.

Paul started off the session in a new location which later played a part in one of the big surprises of the show.  We lost him mid show and he had to be replaced with a #MentorMonday alum, Chris Burns.

To begin, Paul shared a story from the death bed of his uncle-in-law.  This 78-year-old man revealed, “Man, this thing goes by fast.”  And “this thing” is life.

So how do you make the most of this thing that goes so fast?  Setting goals, staying focused, and rolling with the entrepreneurial, life, and technical punches that are dealt to you.

The first question (after who was drinking what, of course) out of the #MentorMonday box was, “Do you need goals?” And the answer was surprising.

On the panel:

Melinda “Small Biz Lady” EmersonAmerica’s #1 small business expert, author of Become Your Own Boss In 12 Months, host of #SmallBizChat, and Small Business University expert for Black Enterprise.

Chris CooperAuthor of Get Sh*t Done: How To Stop Quitting And Start Succeeding, host of Chris Cooper Live, and coach to over 55 Fortune 100 companies.

Rakia Reynolds:   “Media Superwoman” sought after by companies to provide her expertise in media and art direction, branding and strategic planning, creative development, and producing content for television and print outlets.  We were unable to get Rakia a good connection to the show so she didn’t contribute to the conversation, but please follow her and we promise she will be on #MentorMonday soon.

So should you set goals?

Chris mentioned he’s a “goal hater.”  It’s not about goals, it’s about musts.  The reason goals ultimately fail is because people aren’t clear on what they want; they don’t have a compelling reason why they set the goal; no proven strategy; and because of the internal conflict.

Melinda’s thoughts on what people need to do? “People need to have resolve not resolutions.”  And only give yourself about three goals.  That makes it easier to be clear on what you are doing.

Melinda Emerson Meme

Other goal-setting issues addressed in this episode:

How do we identify truly what we want or what we need? Should we focus on S.M.A.R.T. goals vs. D.U.M.B. goals? When there is fear how do you fight the feeling and get focused? How do you find your passion and define your goals? How do life coaches stand out from the pack and where can they get mentors? Chris Cooper Meme

Remember when Lamar Tyler had to save the #MentorMonday day?  Well, due to technical issues with Paul’s new broadcasting location, Chris Burns was the one who filled in for us this week.  He even wrote a really good post about having the being ready when you are called because we all know some chances don’t come around twice.  Thanks so much, Chris!  We love our alum; this isn’t just a show, it is a community that always has our back.

And the big finish!

So what was the other big surprise?  Paul and Ella are starting Weekend Startup School!   After their last live event, where entrepreneurs from Canada and the United States gathered in DC to drill down into their businesses, they decided to do it BIGGER.

Yes, Weekend Startup School will be a two day event where the best of the best and some #MentorMonday alum will be lecturing.  Topics will include legal help, funding, entrepreneur mindset, using digital and social media to marketing to grow your business.  Fifty entrepreneurs in one room with celebrity entrepreneurs, MBA professors, and a host of resources to take your entrepreneurial pursuits to the next level.  We hope to see you at Weekend Startup School.


Lastly about episode 27 (yes, 27!), the community is great for these live broadcasts.  It’s you guys’ energy that makes what we are doing meaningful and fun.  Thanks for the support.  We’ll see you on the 19th!

#MentorMonday Session 27 Resources:

Get Sh*t Done: How To Stop Quitting And Start Succeeding by Chris Cooper

Become Your Own Boss In 12 Months by Melinda Emerson

Musts List (free #MentorMonday downloadable by Chris Cooper)

1 Hour To Wealth by Chris Burns

Smart Goals Are Out Dumb Goals Are In


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About Ella
Ella Rucker is an advocate for entrepreneurs and their success. She is the Community Director for CNVO.co, Director of Operations for #MentorMonday and co-founder of Weekend Startup School. You can find more about Ella by following her on Twitter at @EllaLaverne.

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LC Johnson
LC Johnson

I have always been a big believer in goals although I think that it's two step process. You need to know WHAT you want to accomplish and you need to know WHY you want to accomplish it. I've found that one without the other is not truly going to get you anywhere. A lot of people ignore the second part of the process which sucks because it is much needed when times get hard and accomplishing that goal seems momentarily out of reach. 


My one goal accomplished from 2014 was publishing a fiction novel. This year I continue to work on branding, marketing and expanding writing opportunities.