#MentorMonday And #ThxBirthControl Get Sexy “After Dark”: We Dare You To Watch

#MentorMonday got a little daring in the first “after dark” episode dedicated to all things sex!

In partnership with #ThxBirthControl and Bedsider.org, an online resource for birth control for men and women, #MentorMonday gave the audience what they needed and wanted in a conversation centered around such a controversial topic.

#MentorMonday - Derrick Jaxn & Charreah (2)

Every single relationship seminar that Paul conducts always includes a discussion about birth control. “Birth control is the most substantial thing that has impacted dating and impacted marriage that has ever been created.”  Paul decided HR laws be damned and had an interesting convo with the producer of #MentorMonday, Ella (@EllaLaverne) about her current sex situation, much to Ella’s chagrin…but I feel so much closer to Ella now.  Silly season has begun.

“[inlinetweet tweeter=”@PaulCBrunson” suffix=”@Charreah #ThxBirthControl #MentorMonday”]The best sex is when you’re not worried about unplanned outcomes.[/inlinetweet]” ~ Charreah Jackson (@Charreah)

#MentorMonday - Derrick Jaxn & Charreah (3)

The #MentorMonday panel consisted of Dr. Nerys Benfield, obsterstrician/gynecologist and Harvard grad with over 10 years in contraceptive counseling, Charreah Jackson, founder/creator of BossBride.com and relationship editor for Essence magazine, and Derrick Jaxn (@DerrickJaxn), author of A Cheating Man’s Heart and deliverer of The Big Package!

Tune in for the ‘truth, truth and dare’ of it all (literally, watch through to the end) as Paul asks our panel questions and they discuss sex-related topics such as:

  • Have you ever had unprotected sex and if so, why? (19:43)
  • Why is it that a disproportionate amount of 20-something African American women have had and are having unprotected sex? (22:15)
  • Is it a requirement to have sex in dating? The he said/she said answers to this may surprise you. (25:46)
  • What are things that women can do in a relationship with a man who wants sex, but she wants to wait and keep him sexually interested? (27:54)
  • Naked Skyping???? Dirty Dancing???? (29:17)
  • Do you know how many different forms of contraception exist? (31:32)
  • New contraception options for men… (33:03)
  • Who brings the condoms on the date? Are women judged harshly for carrying protection? (34:43)

…and much, much more!

(Like this clip with Derrick Jaxn talking about him deflowering a virgin, watching pornography, “saving up,” and masturbating in one night!

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Check out Best of #MentorMonday S24: The BIG PACKAGE on Spreecast.

Congratulations to Dana Jackson, who won The Big Package, delivered by Derrick Jaxn (same pronunciation, different spelling, no relation)—so no worries about a kissing cousin situation. She will receive a hand-delivered package from Derrick Jaxn, thanks to Lovehoney.com containing:


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You can watch the full replay here.





Derrick Jaxn – @DerrickJaxn

A Cheating Man’s Heart by Derrick Jaxn

Charreah Jackson – @Charreah



Essence Magazine – www.essence.com





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Jeanetta Lynn

I was clutching my pearls the entire time! 😀

Keisha Carmona

Wait!!! I missed it?! Ughhhhh! I signed up for a reminder too!! I wanted to “clutch the pearls” too!! #sadface

Jarita Hagans

Keisha Carmona, you should be able to Google Paul Carrick Brunson Spreecast and see all the old Mentor Mondays

Katrisha Waldridge

I signed up for the reminder and it came about 15 minutes into the session. . Great session indeed.

Daisy Her

I missed it but then I went to the recording section and herd it.. Very informative!! It was great!!

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