#MentorMonday 25 [Recap]: The Hope Panel

“The minute you are willing to surrender your biggest dreams…the success follows.” ~ Mandy Hale

“When you think you’ve lost hope it’s just the Universe’s way of telling you there is something else out there for you.” ~ Russ Terry

“When you step out on faith you don’t fall.” ~ Paul C. Brunson

“I don’t even watch the news [on TV] because it’s too depressing…I have to make a decision to remain positive and hopeful at all times.” ~ Angela Russell

#mentormonday; hope

We’re talking HOPE, with the “Oprah emphasis.” This episode of #MentorMonday took a fascinating and dare I say, ‘hopeful’ look at how to keep hope and how to keep from losing hope. Some of us, like Paul, like our hope in a liquid form!

Seriously, though, hope, and the elements of hope, including faith and confidence, were the focus of this episode. Paul considers himself “The Hope Guy,” so this episode is near and dear to his heart (but honestly, every episode is!)…and to the hearts of the #MentorMonday Community. Partnering with #MentorMonday to bring this episode is #Tech808, which is the first hip hop-inspired startup conference. The conference, being held Friday, November 21, 2014, in New York City, is hosted by The Phat Startup. The founders, James Lopez and Anthony Frasier (who’s currently in an AT&T commercial) are #MentorMonday alum from Episode 7. And five lucky #MM community members won tickets to attend Tech808!

The Hope Panel was chock full of expertise, by profession and through life experience. Psychotherapist, Angela Russell, is a licensed practitioner whom Paul feels is crucial to having as part of any conversation on hope, and one of her specialties is depression.

In fact, Paul refers his matchmaking clients to Angela to work through issues and to better prepare for healthy relationships. Former CPA, Russ Terry who is a life coach joined the conversation and is, as Paul says, “hope filled.” Finally, Christmas enthusiast, The Single Woman, Mandy Hale (who’s also a #MentorMonday alum) rounded out the panel.

#MentorMOnday; hope

Paul kicked off the talk by asking each guest for their definition of hope (19:00). And from there, the panel discussed hope and faith and expectations, which are all intertwined in how we approach hope and for what we are hopeful.

The guests shared insights on various topics including:

  • Personal stories of the last time they each lost hope. (22:57)
    • What Mandy shared that resonated the MOST for me about a moment when she lost hope and felt like a ‘failure,’ how she faced it AND the ultimate outcome. Powerful! (25:54)
  • The difference between depression and just natural entrepreneur’s frustration. (31:45)
  • Paul got personal about his own challenges regarding making payroll for his team of 27 and other very real entrepreneurial challenges. (33:22)
  • The distinction between clinical depression and situational depression. (34:08)
  • Some things folks can do daily to “keep hope alive”—shout out to Jesse Jackson. (36:13)
  • The benefits of “practicing” gratitude, even when you don’t feel like it, or “you’re a jerk.” #truestory (36:30)
  • What to do if you’re in a romantic relationship with someone who is a “hope buster.” (40:27)
  • The importance of boundaries in relationships of all types. (43:33)
  • What the panelists say directly to people who feel as though they have lost hope. (44:53)
  • The value of counseling or therapy sessions. (47:12)
  • Battling the loss of hope as a single person. (47:41)

#mentormonday; hope

And so much more!

Paul then shared his ingredients for success and maintaining your hope, which are quite simple—or are they?:

    1. Work your ass off
    2. Do what you can to control the situation
    3. Know that you can’t control everything
    4. SURRENDER (or as people of faith say, “STAND”)

Finally, Paul issued a challenge to the #MentorMonday Community: Extract the crap from your life for one week and see the results you achieve!

Check out the tweetables from this session!


Did you miss this amazingly uplifting session? No worries. We have the replay right here…


Mandy Hale – @TheSingleWoman

Mandy Hale’s website: http://thesinglewoman.net/

Mandy’s latest New York Times Bestselling book: I’ve Never Been to Vegas, but My Luggage Has: Mishaps and Miracles on the Road to Happily Ever After

Russ Terry – @RTerryLifeCoach

Russ Terry’s book: My Gratitude Journal: 365 days of the people & things I’m grateful for and the lessons you can learn from them

Russ Terry’s website: http://www.russterrylifecoach.com/

Life Coach Radio Networks – http://www.lifecoachradionetworks.com/

Angela Russell – @nsearch_peace

Angela Russell’s website http://www.insearchofpeacedmv.com/


Michelle Y. Talbert, Esq. is a DC-based, NY-bred relationship strategist and social media content producer. She produces and co-hosts the popular weekly podcast “They Met Online…,” in addition to producing social media content, including writing about successful relationship strategies in business and in love. She’s a passionate non-techie startup founder and was a member of the 2014 Lean Startup DC contest winning team. Connect with her on Twitter @MichelleTalbert and LinkedIn.


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VJ Simpson

Paul as usual a great session last night…………thankfully I don’t watch reality TV

Lexi Maxi

I was on the call, and I am with you.

Tahira Reid

I actually don’t watch TV at all nor do i have cable. I have never seen a single episode of Scandal. Not. One. It will be nice to close my ears and mind to negativity.

Hyacinth Kinley

Gosh Paul, these sessions get betterer and betterer (New word) as we go along

Marcia E Brown

I am in!

Kamilah Mandisa Stapleton
Kamilah Mandisa Stapleton

I will.

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