#MentorMonday 23 – Awesomely Authentic with Luvvie Ajayi

Introducing, the new co-host of Our World with Black Enterprise, Paul Carrick Brunson, woo hoo!! The entire #MentorMonday sends congratulations to our Paul C. Brunson. We’re all excited, as is Paul!

Paul gave a shout out to attendees of the one-day #MentorMondayMastermind Intensive that he and Ella Rucker facilitated in Washington, DC the weekend prior. Billionaire (yes, with a ‘B’) entrepreneur, and one of Paul’s two billionaire mentors, Enver Yűcel, stopped by and shared with attendees about his entrepreneurial journey, grilled attendees about our business concepts and answered every question he was asked. My highlight, aside from getting to ask him a question about marketing when he was a young start-up, was after he left the room, he came back in almost immediately to take a pic and tweet about his experience with us. Talk about the power of social media!

ICYMI: Fear not if you were unable to attend the November 1 #MentorMondayMastermind Intensive, Paul and Ella are hosting another One-day Mastermind Intensive on December 13, and this one will be live in Washington, DC AND livestreaming for those unable to travel to DC. Winning!

 Now let’s talk about building a business around your authentic self with Digital Strategist and Humor Writer, Luvvie Ajayi!

#MentorMonday; Luvvie Ajayi

Paul says, “Luvvie’s narrative of truth and authenticity is in her body of work.”  He also says, “Luvvie Ajayi stands at the epicenter of comedy, technology, and activism.”

In this episode Paul walks Luvvie, who refers to herself as a “professional troublemaker,” through her 11 and a half year career in blogging and writing. She shares about blogging and other related opportunities for income generation. And, if you are a member of LuvNation you know that no one is safe from Luvvie’s quick-witted observation, and that includes putting Paul on blast for something he was trying to do on the sly (16:07). In this episode Luvvie answers all your burning blogging and branding questions, including:

  • How much income can a blogger earn? (17:24)
  • How many page views does it take to generate advertising revenue? (18:35)
  • What role do engagement and responsiveness (interaction and action by the audience) play in a blogger’s success with advertisers and marketing campaigns? (19:33)
  • Ever wonder what Luvvie’s Klout Score is—hint she’s in the top 2-3 percentile of influencers on the planet? (21:25)
  • How can someone who doesn’t specialize in pop culture build a following and engage people? (24:55)
  • What does she do when she doesn’t feel like blogging? (25:52)
  • How long does it take her and what is her process, as Paul dubs her, “The Queen of Animation,” to write her off the chain GIF-laden ‘Scandal’ recaps? (26:35)
  • Which celebrity has blocked her on Twitter and why? (31:11)
  • What question does she ask herself before she presses publish on her posts? (34:22)
  • What are her boundaries in this age of social oversharing? (39:57)

And so much more! Congratulations to Traci T., who won a 30-minute free consultation with Luvvie, whose vast knowledge on digital strategy, writing, marketing and so much more is unparalleled!

“My goal is not to hurt feelings; my goal is to speak my truth.” ~ Luvvie Ajayi

Luvvie is proud of the community of folks she has built who love and support her and her brand of humor and writing. And it’s clear that she loves her #LuvvNation back, stating that “they are the funniest people on these webs…[and] is a reflection of me.” Well Luvvie, the #MentorMonday community loves you, too. Thank you for sharing such great information and, as always, being authentically you.

If you missed this phenomenally funny and informative #MentorMonday session, you can catch the replay right here!

And if you want to see the tweetables from this session, get them all right here:


Stay tuned for a very special #MentorMonday session NEXT week! More information, here.


Awesomely Luvvie

Awesomely Techie

Dumbest Tweets

The Red Pump Project

Team No Chill t-shirt

Luvvie’s thoughts on Lena Dunham

Luvvie’s favorite book read in past year and her fave blogs:

Americanah – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Fashion – Fashion Bomb Daily

Gossip – Necole Bitchie

Humor –The Oatmeal

Carla Friday’s Wedding planning site

Michelle Y. Talbert, Esq. is a DC-based, NY-bred relationship strategist and social media content producer. She produces and co-hosts the popular weekly podcast “They Met Online…,” in addition to writing about successful relationship strategies in business and in love. She’s a passionate non-techie startup founder and was a member of the 2014 Lean Startup DC contest winning team. Connect with her on Twitter @MichelleTalbert and LinkedIn.

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Latrice Lovinglife Tothefullest
Latrice Lovinglife Tothefullest

I am so here for you, Luvvie!! #loveyouandPaul

Najwa Moses


Moise JE Dis Rappapor
Moise JE Dis Rappapor

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