Cedella Marley Was Born to #StrikeHard

If you were following along on Twitter leading up to this very special edition of #MentorMonday you know there was high tension and loads of speculation between which of Blue Moon and Red Stripe, Paul’s fave beers, he would pop for this auspicious occasion…and the winner is….!

You’ll just have to watch this #MentorMonday session to find out!

The #MentorMonday community was so excited to welcome a woman who Paul introduced in part as “an artist, entrepreneur, leader within the community, philanthropist; multi-talented and multi-dimensional.” Further stating that when he thinks about royalty and royalty related to his experience he considers Ms. Cedella Marley “The Princess.”

#MentorMonday; Cedella Marley

Before fully kicking into interview mode, Paul’s special guest stopped by to share briefly on the impact made in his life by two books, One Love and Every Little Thing, both based on songs by Bob Marley and adapted by Cedella.

She’s ‘Feist-y’ – On being a woman

As Cedella spoke, her passion for gender equality and ensuring that all people are treated with respect and love was evident. Paul referred to her as having ‘feist’ as she shared from her heart about:

  • Her most significant hurdle in life.
  • The reason why she feels so strongly about her involvement in the #StrikeHard movement.
  • The importance of funding Jamaica’s women’s football team, Jamaica Reggae Girlz.
  • The role of women in mainstream and Rastafarian society.
  • How women can create more opportunity in their lives.
  • Her mom, Rita Marley, “My mom is everything…she’s truly everything.”
  • The power of the “global gateway” of social media and how it’s been integral in “spreading Dad’s message.”
  • The importance of mentors and who she looks up to and has helped her along her journey.

In thinking about Jamaica and its rich resources she spoke about the people of Jamaica.  Her words are applicable to people the world over, “A great man is never valued in his own country.” Meaning, that it is important to value what you have, where you are, and to utilize the resources available to you to improve yourself and the greater society.

Although she didn’t use the word, it is clear that she is a feminist, a believer in equality and respect and when respect is not given, she says in a way that exudes her quiet strength, “I don’t ‘specially dig that.” 

 A Renaissance Woman

Cedella is the Ambassador for The Reggae Girlz, Jamaica’s women football (that’s with a round and not oval ball!) team, helping to raise funds to provide them with training camp, cleats, nutrition and other essentials required for a national team to have success. The team’s fundraising campaign for the chance to attend the 2015 World Cup can be found at: http://www.Gofundme.com/JamaicaWomensFootball. Paul pledged to Cedella that we, the #MentorMonday Community, would wholeheartedly support this important project.

Paul first learned of Cedella through fashion. She designed the uniforms worn by Jamaica’s Olympic team, partnering with Puma to create uniforms for Jamaica’s Olympic greats, such as, Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Warren Weir. She spoke humbly about the high honor of receiving such an illustrious opportunity and then shifted quickly to doing the work of creating styles summarized by her as, “Grace Jones meets Bob Marley. [The fashion and the athletes were] bright, fast, pleasant…engaging and entertaining.”

“My home is my everything” – Family Business

Cedella is a beautiful woman inside and out and it is clear that she takes great care of herself, “to keep her husband interested.” It’s evident that her three sons and the home life that she and her husband create is top of mind for her. She talked about how she keeps the romantic connection with her hubby, as well. She offered the one thing she would’ve changed about her upbringing and THE LESSON she learned from both of her parents. Ending with a a tour of the “Marley Oval Office,” Cedella share the most magical moment to occur in her favorite room of her home.

Thank you, Princess Cedella Marley for blessing the #MentorMonday Community. One Love.

Did you miss the live session? Catch the replay right here:

Check out the tweetables from the show!


Cedella is an ambassador of and advocate for the Jamaican Women’s National Football Team, the Jamaica Reggae Girlz. The team is raising funds to attend the 2015 World Cup in Canada. For more information and to help these ladies attend the game of a lifetime, please go here.

Congratulations to Paul for his appointment to the Board of UAB and he shared some exciting news. To learn more about Power Moves NOLA, the BAU MBA Program opportunity, or more #MentorMonday info sign up here: http://eepurl.com/WyWwn


Cedella Marley Design

Twitter – @CedellaMarley

Marley Coffee

One Love – Children’s book based on song by Bob Marley, adapted by Cedella Marley

Every Little Thing – Children’s book based on song by Bob Marley, adapted by Cedella Marley

Tuff Gong Records


U.R.G.E. Foundation (Ziggy Marley)


Jamaica Reggae Girlz Go Fund Me

Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

Usain Bolt

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Warren Weir

Lincoln Stephens  of the Marcus Graham Project

Shaun T’s T25


Simon Fuller

Chris Blackwell

BAU International MBA

Power Moves NOLA

Mannings Restaurant

Essence Music Festival


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he was too cute the other night..what a nice surprise!! haha #STRIKEHARD 🙂

Shirlin Franklin

confession @paul. i still wanna know what happens in cedella’s office..ijs.. #mentormondayafterdark lol

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