#MentorMonday [Recap]: What Success in Media Really Means w/ OWN TV’s VP of Programming & Development, Endyia K. Sterns!

#MentorMonday started as it always does.  Paul started the party early with some Blue Moon.  Yep!  Our fearless leader is loving the Blue Moon vibe and was three moons in as the show started.  Why so many?  The excitement of having…

Ms. Endyia K. Sterns!  Yes!  The Vice President of Programming and Development at the Oprah Winfrey Network and Paul’s former boss spent some time mentoring us.

The conversation centered around three media concepts:

    1. The life cycle of a show and the various actions taken from the concept to what we see on television.

    2. Getting our products, services, and ourselves on the air.

    3. The trends in media today and how entrepreneurs can fill the gaps the established media may be experiencing.

Not only did Endyia give us solid advice and strategies on how to leverage media, she also explained a thing or two about what success really means.


Oh, and you know we couldn’t let her leave without dishing about how it is to work with THE woman herself!  She has the BEST Oprah story we’ve ever heard…

On Getting Started

Endyia broke down her resume for us.  She was a child actor, but as she grew as a person she didn’t like what she saw being done in front of the camera.  How do you fix that?

Go behind the camera.

She interned at Edmonds Entertainment, where they were doing Light It Up, Soul Food The Movie and Soul Food the series, on Showtime.  They saw her talent as a story editor and #boom…hired.

She went on to produce at VH1, BET, and developed the show Unsung.  This was all leveraged with her showing her talent, her passion and her voice while interning.

On Show Development At OWN

Agencies are scouring the Internet looking for the next big act.  Make your own reels and put them out.  Market yourself.  There are way more options now than were 5-10 years ago.

Get a sizzle reel together and see if you can market it.  How do you get a sizzle reel?  Go out and make one!  Do man-on-the-street interviews, YouTube videos…get as much traction as you can with what you are doing.

It’s all about who has the biggest hustle.

And hustle isn’t just for actors; businesses need media, too.

Business owners can get their products placed on television by getting a public relations (PR) team to represent them.  PR people bring products and books to talk show opportunities for segments. Get someone who has connections and relationships.

On Success

Success is obedience to what God has given you, and using it to the best of your abilities to touch the people around you.  And He decides how many people get to see it and He will grow and increase it. You do your hustle, you do what you have to do…


What’s Next At OWN?

Endyia shared part of the new lineup at the Oprah Winfrey Network.  A new show, Love in the City, is scheduled to take over the Saturday space. You can watch trailers here.

The Oprah Question

And, yes.  Endyia shared something personal about working at OWN and meeting Oprah Winfrey.  Let’s just say there was a Meeting In The Ladies Room, but if you want to know more you’ll just have to catch it by watching the #MentorMonday recap here.

And, check out the tweetables from this informative and inspirational session here!



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We’re excited for the next #MentorMonday, May 26th at 9PM EST!

So are you getting your pitches and your sizzle reels together?  Share where we can find them and your projects in the comments.

This post is written by Michelle Talbert, who is an attorney, author, and co-host of They Met Online, and #MentorMonday Correspondent. You can find her connecting love and business and sharing her views on success on Twitter and her website.

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Ella Rucker
Ella Rucker

Loved her story. Loved how she started as an intern; proving her level of hustle and dedication to what she loved and what she knew she could do.

Mary Dyer
Mary Dyer

BS. It's all about desperation. Discovery is the only thing keeping "OWN" afloat.

FairOne Peart
FairOne Peart

And people say Oprah doesn't employ black people..smh Keep on Miss Endyia