#MentorMonday [Recap]: You Have To Be ‘FUQUITABLE’!…and more Networking Secrets From the @GrownZone!

“How do I increase opportunities in my life?”

When Paul is out and about, this is THE #1 question people ask. Romantic relationships, new business connections and career and job shifts are all opportunities for increase in our lives.

In this episode of #MentorMonday, Paul speaks with partners in business and life, Alfred Edmond, Jr. and Zara Green. As founders of the Grown Zone and hosts of GrownZone Radio Alfred and Zara are specifically qualified to not only teach us how to increase the size of our networks, but also to maximize the value that we add and receive from the opportunities present.

Networking; #MentorMonday

This session helps us maximize those opportunities by improving our social interactions and networking. Because as Paul says, “the opportunities we receive in our life come from who we know. Connection gets us in the door, but what closes the deal is the relationships we build.”

This session specifically focused on three questions:

1. What are the right social media platforms and face-to-face strategies to use to meet people and expand our networks?
2. What is the best way to establish rapport and build relationships with folks we meet both offline and online?
3. How do we eventually get to the point where we can ask that person for assistance and create opportunity in our lives?

Zara and Alfred pull no punches talking about their own relationship as “partners,” what it really means to be married, and how to leverage business relationships to be of service.

In this episode Alfred and Zara provide insight about… 

  • The most effective ways to engage online with someone you don’t know.
  • How to not be “Fu-quit-able” (Yes, Zara created that word!)…. And, yes, it means what you think it means.
  • Choosing and utilizing the best online platform(s) to achieve your networking goals.
  • Maximizing face-to-face interaction with people you’ve met online.
  • Thinking strategically about positioning yourself and your brand on specific social media platforms.
  • The distinction between relationships and transactions.
  • Bringing value to others in business and interpersonal relationships.
  • The importance of consistency in your online and offline personas. Are you “faking the funk with your online personality?”
  • The value in authenticity and confidence in building offline rapport.
  • The importance of self-love, personal growth and development.
  • Crafting your brand (personal and business) to ensure what people are saying about you when you are not present.
  • Making money from your offerings, identifying the products and services that generate revenue and packaging things that bring value.
  • Gleaning insight from customer market research to increase your bottom line.
  • Leveraging offerings into additional streams of income—including, by way of example, the honorarium Alfred can obtain for speaking. You will want to hear this!
  • How to not think of giving value as a linear rate of return and how to be an “asset to the collective”
  • Receiving value for your services.
  • What’s at the core of those entrepreneurs who give away their products and services.

…and much more!

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And, if you missed out on the live session, you’ll DEFINITELY want to tune into (and perhaps take notes for) the replay!


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Which of the many networking tips offered by Grown Zone are YOU planning to use?  Let us know what you thought about this session of #MentorMonday!

This recap is written by Michelle Talbert, an attorney, author, and co-host of the popular podcast, They Met Online, and #MentorMonday Correspondent. You can find her connecting love and business and sharing her views on success on Twitter and her website.

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Ella Rucker
Ella Rucker

<3 it! Courtney Herring this you? :-*

Shirlin Franklin
Shirlin Franklin

it was a lot of fun this passed Monday.. Cant wait to do it again! btw Paul Carrick Brunson.. did u almost choke on your drink? haha :-D