8 Reasons You Wouldn’t Miss Out On Opportunities…

Are you tired of missing out on opportunities, both big and small? Do you kick yourself because in hindsight you should have done this, or that? Do you want to get to the next level in your professional life or business?

Part of the reason why some of us may find ourselves stagnant in career or entrepreneurship is because: 1). we fail to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves and 2). we fail to engage in activities or habits that create the opportunities we need to get to the next level.


It’s safe to say that you wouldn’t miss out on opportunities if…

1. You got out of your comfort zone.

Do you like staying in at your computer? Do you only focus on engaging with your immediate social (media) circle and current contacts? Do you despise and avoid public speaking? If yes, how else will new people connected to great opportunities know who you are?


2. You focused on you instead of what the next person is doing.

You’ll never see the opportunity In front of you if you’re always looking to your left and right at what everyone else is doing.


3. You became an expert in your field.

Whether it’s online influence or finding a new job, people need to think of you when they have a need or know a need related to your strengths. When people know your strengths, they’ll see opportunities for you.


4. You went to conferences and other relevant networking events.

Why not go where movers and shakers you’ve never heard of are? The people you admire for their success will most likely be there too.


You weren’t always the smartest person in the room or the mentor.

You don’t grow if you’re always the teacher. And people that can teach you can connect you.


5. You knew how to create meaningful first impressions.

Are you a business card slinger? Do you connect and follow people without saying why? Can you succinctly articulate who you are, what you do, and why it matters? Are you earning trust and establishing credibility with each interaction?


6. You didn’t slack at following up.

So you’re an expert in being forgotten? What do you think happens when you tell someone you’ll be in touch and you don’t keep your word?


7. You knew how to tell your story.

Simon Sinek said in a TED talk it’s not what you do, it’s why you do it. That’s what people connect to. If people can’t connect with you, they won’t connect you to opportunities.


8. You knew how to add value to people’s lives.

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed, but nobody likes or wants to work with a taker.


Don’t miss out on another life-changing opportunity! What are some other lessons you’ve learned in order to draw and seize opportunities?


This post is written by Rich Jones. Rich is the man behind The Freedom Chase, a career and personal development blog for people in pursuit of freedom. You can also find him on Twitter


This article originally appear on The Freedom Chase. Republished with permission.

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Jason Crocker
Jason Crocker

I'd agree with this. I believe second I would need some capital from a wealthy brother who lives in DC and has the power to sway elections, schools, and churches with his mighty pen.

Dee Chavez
Dee Chavez

Enjoy the Chi!! We brought the nice weather in just for you today... Hope u guys are having a successful event!!