Super-Size Your Dreams: Why The Great Reach For Greater

When you hit the 2012 Ebony Power 100 List – sharing the spotlight with Oprah, Toni Morrison, Ava DuVernay, LeBron James and more, it’s only natural to think, “This is it. I’ve made it!” Right?

Well, that’s what I thought you’d think. And, I did, too, having yet to be inducted into the elite club.

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler had seen the promised land. That’s why I was surprised when I learned he didn’t feel quite as pleased as one would expect. When I asked Lamar about his night with the stars, he mentioned that he didn’t just want to be in the room…

Ronnie and Lamar Tyler

He wanted to be in the front of the room. What the…?? 

Whatever You’re Thinking…Think Bigger

How could my friend and mentor-in-my-head be so brash? He rubbed elbows with 99 super entities of our generation. “Give me a shot,” I thought. “I’d love to be in the back of that room.

And then all that ‘tude was knocked down my throat when I saw the article From The Nosebleeds To The Huddle by Eric Thomas.

ET Hip Hop Preacher Eric Thomas Greater

ET, The Hip Hop Preacher, as Thomas has been dubbed, had the chance to attend the opening game of his hometown NFL team, the Lions, as an honored guest. He had worked hard for another NFL team and as a “thank you” they invited him to their skybox. There was only one problem for Thomas: it wasn’t as a guest of the Lions, or as their inspiration. Although grateful, he wasn’t satisfied.

So, he worked and he worked and he worked. He embodied the mantra “don’t get bitter, get better.” And you already know…the next year ET was on the field, in the huddle inspiring his beloved team.

And that was the “Aha!” moment for me. This phenomenal man and inspirational speaker put it into perspective for me. He, too, had lived very close to the dream, but wanted more.

Lamar was supremely grateful for what he had, too. However, like all the greats, sitting in the back isn’t enough. They want more. The best turn that gratitude into an action item. Something like “be greater” goes on their mental to-do list.

And that’s why I’m always sitting at the feet of Lamar and Ronnie within the blogosphere, as it were.  Lamar doesn’t ever rest on being “good.” Heck. The truly successful don’t even want to be great.  They want to be the greatest. As long as they have breath in their body, there is another level for them.

It’s a hard lesson to discern from the view down here. I only see the current (super) peak Lamar and Ronnie have achieved. Their view from the top? All the other mountains left they’re tasking themselves to climb.

Next week, #MentorMonday welcomes Lamar and Ronnie to teach and inspire us. We’ll learn how they are creating content that wins consistently. (When I say “content” I mean their blog,, their videos, their Marriage Cruise – Seminar at Sea, and more). Get ready, the #MentorMonday party kicks off on Monday, Feb. 24th at 10pm EST. You’ll want to be there. RSVP here!

Greater #MentorMonday

After this edition of #MentorMonday, you, too, will be inspired to super-size your dreams. And, you will never be satisfied with “just” great again.

What are you reaching for? Is it greater? Let’s talk about it!

This post was written by Ella Rucker, an Ohio native living in NYC as a writer. Who, through writing, has been afforded some amazing opportunities, including producing #MentorMonday.  Check out her doing Something Wonderful on her blog, and follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.

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Ella Rucker is an advocate for entrepreneurs and their success. She is the Community Director for, Director of Operations for #MentorMonday and co-founder of Weekend Startup School. You can find more about Ella by following her on Twitter at @EllaLaverne.

Great read @ellalaverne. Can't wait for #mentormonday w/ @blackandmarried Greatness always comes to mind when I think of their brand! #success


Ella, great read! It's been a blessing and an inspiration to watch Ronnie and Lamar build and grow as a business and a family! Can't wait until Monday it's going to be awesome!

Ralph Earl Parsons
Ralph Earl Parsons

He Later Said God is Great and He is The Creation of True Greatness Allah.. God :)


@AjabuMalkia sorry about that. were you inactive for 30 days? I have a program that auto-unfollows non-active accounts.

Iyea Brandy
Iyea Brandy

I feel this way totally and I used to feel guilty for wanting to be the greatest at my craft but I know it's what I am meant to be! No apologies here!

Ghalia Almarawi
Ghalia Almarawi

True. My dream is to learn more English to complete my studding .