#MentorMonday [Recap]: Passion + Purpose = Profit With Lamar & Ronnie Tyler!

It’s #MentorMonday time, and boy was this an amazing show! This recap can’t possibly capture all of the rich information that was shared so generously by Lamar and Ronnie, creators of BlackandMarriedWithKids.com… but we’re going to try.

#MentorMonday BlackandMarriedWithKids

In this session, we learn how the Tylers created their wildly popular website, how they deliver amazing content that resonates with so many of us, the importance of marketing and promotion, and finally, the secrets to monetizing your passion!

Let’s dive right in…

3 Pillars of a Making a Movement: Passion + Purpose = Profit!


Passion & Purpose

Paul’s goal with this episode of #MentorMonday was to delve deeply into blogging, marketing, content creation and monetization with über successful power couple, Ronnie and Lamar Tyler.

Ronnie and Lamar are the husband-wife powerhouse couple behind the award-winning blog and brand, Black and Married with Kids. In 2007, Ronnie and Lamar discussed the idea of starting a blog to highlight the beauty and benefits of marriage, because so many people were responding with ambivalence and negativity toward their nuptials.

They believed from the outset there had to be people who, like them, were excited and felt positive about marriage. They produced their first film, “Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage,” to do just that – show positive images of Black marriage. To help promote the film, they created a Facebook page, and within 30 days the page had over 6,000 fans/likes and the rest is, as they say, history. The number of likes they garnered exceeded their expectations ten-fold!

In the seven years since, Ronnie and Lamar have each been able to leave both of their six-figure salary jobs to focus full-time on the BMWK brand.

(Please read that last sentence again because that’s more than significant!  Two people leaving their good paying day jobs to blog?  Yeah.  Perked my ears right up.)


The two shared the journey from the conception, to execution – which ultimately allowed them to quit their jobs. Paul walked Ronnie and Lamar through the steps they’ve taken to create winning content, market it and use it to generate income…monetization.

If you take nothing else away, Lamar could not stress enough for new bloggers who want to generate income, especially, to “GET ADS OUT OF YOUR HEAD!” Instead, focus on creating valuable products and services and diversified offerings to your readers. He also emphasized how important it was to transform your readers into your customers through affiliate programs—selling your products on another’s site and allowing them to do the same on your site, for a commission.

Ads on your blog generally will not generate the type of consistent income that is required to give the comfort most folks need to, “walk away from that job you hate and spend more time with your family.”

Lamar also broke down his “Power of 1,000” concept. You will want to take notes, and you may need to rewind. There was so much value packed into this simple concept. It can change your entire business model to one that pays dividends for you and your customers.


Who Do You Target?: Offering Quality Content For Our Community

We got so enthralled in Lamar and Ronnie’s story and seemingly infinite content creation knowledge that we only had time for one viewer question. Chris “Kazi” Rolle made it worth our while and asked a power-packed question that most, if not all, African-American business owners have contemplated at one point or another. He asked Ronnie and Lamar to discuss their decision to focus on Black people and the Black community, as opposed to “diversifying” their focus.This discussion is one you will want to watch and really digest. Ronnie summed it up:

“A lot of our success is because we focus on folks who no one else is catering to…While 90% of all marriages are the same, we speak to that as well as that 10% of issues that are unique to our community.”

And, not only do Ronnie and Lamar focus on a community who others are not focused on, but they are bringing a positive message and reflecting  positivity back within the community, surrounding loving marriages and relationships. And, that is resonating in a big way. It was clear early on from the meteoric success of Black and Married with Kids that our community, the Black community, was ready to receive the positive messages put forth by the duo and their writers.

The episode flew by so quickly that folks have requested, resoundingly, a Part 2 with the Tylers.

There was much laughter, entertainment, and this session was so chock full of life-changing information that’s practical and actionable.

Ronnie and Lamar have replaced the income from their prior ‘day jobs,’ but they stressed that Black and Married with Kids is a movement. They, along with their writers and team are all passionate about their mission. As Lamar so eloquently stated:

“We followed our passion, which led us to our purpose and by default we made a profit.”

From collaborating with other writers, to capturing emails and creating a list of your readers (who, remember, are also possible future customers), to tracking your analytics, to creating products and services, you will not want to miss a moment of this lesson in business development and growth.

#MentorMonday GIVEAWAY!

Congrats to #MentorMonday participant, Dahime of the #BeGreatB6 giveaway!  She’s going to join BeBlogalicious in San Antonio, Texas for this year’s conference.  In addition to that, Dahime will also receive Adam Butler’s new film,“I’m Single Because: The Undeclared Civil War Between Black Men and Women.” It’s a great supplement to the awesome material that Lamar and Ronnie Tyler offer over at BlackandMarriedWithKids.com.  (Spoiler alert: Our own Paul Brunson is in the film.)

#MentorMondayMastermind Is Coming…

It’s time…Mastermind time, that is. After we did our typical drink roll call, Paul told us we would be in for a treat, because #MentorMonday is about Good information, Good people, and Good vibes!

So many thanks to LaDonna — who, Paul noted, has not missed a single session of #MentorMonday — for pointing out how much value #MentorMonday creates, but also how quickly the time and the chat go by. Because of LaDonna’s suggestion for a way for people to deepen the connections made and share more information and network, Paul and Ella have been strategizing and studying Mastermind groups and…drum roll please…we are ready to open registration for the #MentorMondayMastermind!

Paul, Ella and their team will facilitate the program, but this will not be a passive endeavor for participants. Here’s a run-down of the terms:

  • No money is involved…that’s right, #MentorMondayMastermind is absolutely FREE! Involvement may be free but the value of participating will be priceless.
  • But folks will need to commit to participating for one year and attending at least two Mastermind sessions per month.
  • The groups will be small, no more than 10 people, and will be assembled so that folks in similar businesses are not competing—did Paul just say something about male strippers?
  • Folks will be similarly situated with their peers who are in similar stages of business development. These efforts will ensure that the groups are truly a meeting of peers who are able to help one another grow and succeed.
  • Be sure to register. There were over 50 registrations before the episode ended!

This is going to be an amazing movement, and if you’re serious about getting to your next level you want to be sure register AND commit to being involved.

Keeping Up with #MentorMonday and the Next Guest…

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You can watch the entire #MentorMonday session  with Lamar and Ronnie here…you may want to have a notebook ready!

The next session of #MentorMonday commences on March 17th, with none other than award winning writer, producer, director and distributor of independent film, Ava DuVernay! You’ll DEFINITELY want to RSVP and mark you calendars for this!

Ava DuVernay


What valuable lessons did you learn from this session of #MentorMonday with the Tylers? 

The following post is written by Michelle Talbert, who is an attorney, author, and co-host of They Met Online, and #MentorMonday Correspondent. You can find her connecting love and business and sharing her views on success on Twitter and her website.

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Milounedine Castel
Milounedine Castel

Can't watch right now but will definitely watch later. I love to learn from others.

Tamisha Monet
Tamisha Monet

Thank you for sharing the wealth, with us last night. I hope to see you on Mentor Monday, again. I love everything about your brand. Very inspirational to a young black woman, optimistic about black love.

Wilda Prévil
Wilda Prévil

Thanks Ella Rucker! I've already registered :)

Tracy P. Beard
Tracy P. Beard

It was my first Mentor Monday and it will not be my last. Thank you Paul, Ronnie, and Lamar.

Bethany Collins
Bethany Collins

This had to be one of your best Mentor Monday sessions with the Tyler's