Why You Should Join #MentorMonday Today!

Why You Should Join #MentorMonday Today!

What is #MentorMonday?

A monthly 1-hour live video chat that mixes business, life, and relationship mentoring.

How often does it occur?

#MentorMonday is held once a month on a Monday. Updates and schedule information can always be found at either my Spreecast channel or Events page.

Is it open to the public?

Yes, #MentorMonday is open to the public. We also invite organizations to join. If you have a group interested in participating, we are developing special accommodations for you. Group representatives, contact us here for more information.

How to do I join?
1) Sign up to Spreecast here (literally takes 2 minutes).
2) Follow my Spreecast channel here.
3) RSVP for the upcoming #MentorMonday session.
4) MOST IMPORTANTLY, on the night you join the live session you MUST have a drink your hand 🙂 Watch previous episodes here to see why this is important.

Do I need a camera?

During the live-video chat, viewers who would like to ask a question will need to have a web camera to be seen and heard. Those who either wish to not appear on camera or those who do not have a camera, will still be able to participate by posting questions in the chat box.

What are some things that I will learn?

#MentorMonday is designed to provide community and expert advice on business, life, and relationship related topics. During the 1-hour live video chat, viewers will have a chance to hear personal stories, receive one-on-one mentorship as well as contribute to the conversation through video and comments.

Why did you start #MentorMonday?

Three reasons led me to launching #MentorMonday.
1) I wrote a piece last year that went viral. As a result, I had literally 1000+ messages asking for mentorship. Because I couldn’t directly mentor each person, #MentorMonday was a way I could still personally support a wide number of people.
2) When I decided to become a Matchmaker, I initially reached out to dozens of people and not one offered to give me guidance. One even tried to charge me money for his advice. I committed if I ever acquired enough knowledge where I could be of value to someone, I would share.
3) I really love my Facebook and twitter community, #MentorMonday was a way to bring everyone together and leverage a wide number of people’s talents, skills, and resources.

How can I help?

1) RSVP and join us each month for #MentorMonday
2) Invite a friend, family member or co-worker to join you during the live-video chat (the more people involved, the more resources we have to help each other).
3) Ask questions that could help you along your personal or professional journey and share information that can be useful for others.
4) Share your favorite points on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #MentorMonday

What if I missed a session?

No worries, each chat is recorded, so you’ll be able to watch it at any time. Check out our archive here!



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